Vegan chips in London

It’s the old age dilemma.

People think vegans will eat any old chips because chips are made out of potato. But we vegans know that some mass-produced chips actually contain animal fat as an ingredient.

In addition, some chip shops cook their chips in with fish, sausages and other derived items. A lot of vegans don’t want their potato to be bubbling away next to a dead sea creature and a battered sausage.

Yes, the hunt for vegan chips is a predicament a lot of us experience.

Imagine my joy when I strolled by a fish and chip shop just around the corner from my house and say ‘Our chips are 100% vegan’ printed on the window?

The owners told me they promote the vegan chips at the request of their wives who are both vegan. The shop also does a vegan falafel wrap on request.

Codfather is a 9 minute walk from South Ealing Underground station on the Piccadilly Line. You can see the location and walking directions thanks to Google Maps.

Of course I prefer to support 100% vegan eateries such as Vegan HQ which is located a 10 minute walk in the opposite direction of the station and Falafel Box another 10 minutes walking, but I might stop in for chips at Codfather after a few beers. South Ealing is becoming a vegan-friendly hub!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Good news, but I’ll eat chips from anywhere, as long as they’re cooked in veg oil and not dripping. ‘Contamination’ doesn’t harm any further animals so is vegan.

    • Yes, but the problem with some chips is that they contain animal fat as an added ingredient. So not checking if they contain animal fat as an ingredient is not vegan.

  2. Which mass-produced chips have animal fat in them? :O

    • Rarely store bought brands do, but there are some. You need to check ingredients. It is more often to be catering brands used in cafes etc.

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