New seitan company in UK

Seitan is essential.

I couldn’t get through a week without a few servings of delicious, crispy seitan so I’m thrilled to learn about a new UK company dedicated to making and delivering the meat substitute to hungry people all over the country.

Say hello to LoveSeitan.

LoveSeitan has a fabulous online shop housing all of their flavour creations including Smokey Dokey, Classic, Curry & Coriander, Chili & Garlic, and Italian Herb. Shoppers can also buy multipacks featuring all the flavours!

If you are reading this in August 2017, you can also take advantage of the LoveSeitan launch special where they are giving 15% discount on orders using the special code found on their website.

You can follow LoveSeitan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check their social media for upcoming festival and market appearances, too.

Now, let’s get looking at seitan photos.

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