Amazing vegan menu in Glasgow

If you haven’t visited Glasgow lately, you are seriously missing out on a vibrant vegan food scene. If you are a Glaswegian, you don’t need any convincing about how good you’ve got it.

To take an already fabulous situation and make it better, the kitchen of Mono Cafe Bar has created an outstanding outdoor BBQ menu and an indoor bar menu for Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest this Sunday (August 27, 2017).

If you can’t make it along this weekend, marvel at the food line up anyway and find a date in the near future to visit this legendary food, drink and live music venue.

Here’s the Mono menu for Sunday:


  • Blackbean burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, dill pickle, bbq sauce and mustard
    OR with jerk jackfruit, feta and scotch bonnet sauce
    OR with spicy peanut sauce, fennel slaw and pickled cucumber
  • Haggis burger with lettuce, tomato, onion and beetroot and horseradish relish
  • Hotdog with fried onions
  • Chilli cheese dog
  • Hotdog with sauerkraut and mustard
  • Mac n cheese

Handheld/street food menu at the inside bar

  • Jerk jackfruit, coconut and blackbean burrito
  • Roast beef style seitan, caramelized onion, mustard mayo and rocket sub
    (Seitan roasted in silkie stout gravy)
  • Tinga quesadilla with a guacamole dip
    (Cooked with magic rock)
  • Falafel box. Falafel, chips and sauerkraut with yoghurt tahini sauce
  • Pizza Margherita
    Especiale, margherita with cream cheese, plum tomato and basil
    Puttanesca, ragu, cheese, sundried tomato, olives, capers, chilli and basil. Topped with courgetti
    Spicy sausage,ragu, with cider braised leeks, artichoke and jalapenos
    (gluten free pizza available)
  • Potato and rosemary flatbread with ragu, capers, onion and rocket
  • Mini mac n cheese
  • Sausage supper, beer battered sausages,chips and pickle
  • To-fish supper, beer battered tofu,chips and tartare sauce
  • Pizza crunch. beer battered pizza slice, chips and pickle
  • Handcut chips
  • Cajun spiced chips
  • Poutine. Handcut chips, new world odyessy gravy, and cheese

I’m actually giggling and clapping my hands at that incredible menu.

On top of this there will also be food stands by Kind Crusts (selling donuts), Cool Jerk Vegan Pies and Red Rosa’s Specialist Cakery.

You can buy cheap online tickets for Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest online now for just £4 plus small booking fee. If we have space on the day, tickets on the door will be £7.

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  1. I love you!!!! If you come to Canada look me up! St. Catharines has some awesome Vegan food and lots of Scottish folk!!

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