New vegan cheese launch

London, hold steady when you read this news.

One of the best vegan cheeses I have ever tasted is launching in the capital tomorrow (Saturday September 24, 2016) and you will be kicking yourself if you don’t make an effort to get some.

I first tried Mouse’s Favourite at the Viva! show in Brighton a few weeks back and was beyond blown away. Their Camembert is probably one of the finest vegan cheeses on the planet.


Rarely do you get a plant-based product this outstanding and now you can buy some of the good stuff for your very own.

Get along to GreenBay Supermarket on Saturday for a world exclusive as the makers of Mouse’s Favourite cheese set up a tasting station from midday and sell their finery in a retail setting for the first time ever.

Check out what the company had to say about the launch event:

This Saturday at GreenBay we are giving out samples of Mouse’s Favourite for customers to try. The samples on offer will be our newest cheese, Camembert, as well as our Cider Washed Rind, Almond Pyramid, Original Cream and Smokey Cream. This is almost our complete range except for the Rich Aged Dulse which won’t be aged in time.
We are very excited about Saturday because it will be the first time ever that our cheese is available in a shop, and not just any shop, we couldn’t be more delighted that it’s in GreenBay the newly opened 100% vegan store. All the above cheeses will be available for purchase (again except for the Rich Aged Dulse – but it will be in the future).
Having Mouse’s Favourite in GreenBay is the culmination of 5 years of research and development by Gabrielle to produce the finest quality ‘cheese’ made from the best possible ingredients. The production processes and techniques mirror the traditional craft of hand made cheesemaking wherever possible.  We have both been vegan for ten years and believe that you don’t have to sacrifice anything or feel like you are missing out. As well as perfecting the taste and texture, we have tried to make a product every bit as alluring and beautiful and varied in range as dairy cheese. Vegetarians often cite cheese as the one food that they couldn’t do without, the one thing stopping them becoming vegan. It’s a gratifying thought that our cheese could help people along on their journey.

Wow. Let’s take a look at some of those other cheeses.

almondpyramid cashew_cream_cheese_packaging washed_rind_cashew_cheese_slice

From top: Almond Pyramid, Cashew Cream Cheese and Washed Rind Cashew Cheese.

Be one of the first people in London to get your hands on Mouse’s Favourite at GreenBay Supermarket tomorrow from midday. Be quick. This stuff is going to fly out the door, especially that Camembert.

You can visit Mouse’s Favourite online, follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

You can also get details about GreenBay online and follow them on Twitter or Instagram, as well as like them on Facebook.

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  1. It’s not cheese. It’s a nut paste designed to mimic cheese.

    I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to artisanal cheese makers, the people who make the real stuff, to call this “Camembert”. It’s not. It might be a decent copy, it might even be a decent product in its own right, but don’t call it something it’s not.

    • Lol look at where you’re commenting

    • Wow, Andrew what a yawnathon you are. Make your comments elsewhere if you have nothing positive to say. Are you a member of the camembert alliance? I am sick of people being so negative. Also, if you are so worried about people being disrespectful why would you even make such a comment on this website? It is a place where like-minded, friendly people can get excited about food that they can eat.

      If you dont like it, talk to the cheese board…..!

  2. The word cheese seems to be of unknown origin but connected to words meaning ‘ferment or turn sour’ so not only and not necessarily referring to dairy. Lemon cheese is a term used for lemon curd in some places. Nobody seems to have found insult in that.

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