Indian cooking class this weekend!

If you want to learn how to cook gorgeous, mouthwatering vegan Indian food, I’m sure your first point of call in London should be Nishma Shah.

This Saturday (September 24, 2016) you can join Nishma for a wonderful culinary adventure as she teaches you the ins and outs of Indian home cooking.


The following is lifted from the event description:

This is a prime opportunity to learn some authentic Indian home cookery, from Shambhu’s chef Nishma Shah. Nishma is of Indian heritage, has been immersed in Indian culture all her life and is proud of it, and importantly loves making and teaching delicious plant-based Indian food.

The class price is £40 and includes refreshments, food tasting and even a container of leftovers (if you all don’t eat everything there and then).

The class is limited to 12 people and can be booked online here.

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