Vegan sandwiches to go

We are making big leaps and bounds when it comes to plant-based foods in the UK, but one area that needs development is ready-to-consume sandwiches. You know, the pre-packaged wraps and boxes you get everywhere from Tesco to your local café.

Thankfully, superstar food company Tofurky has set its glare on this very area.

The North American plant-based pioneer set up a vegan sandwich shop in London this week at the giant catering and food trade show called LUNCH.

This show is a coming together of food industry leaders and Tofurky wanted to demonstrate to them what they were missing out on by not selling ready-to-consume vegan sandwiches and snacks.

Check out this incredible selection they put on display.


Could you even imagine seeing a vegan fridge like that in a UK shop?!

I asked Tofurky to elaborate on what they are trying to achieve with this new way of packaging their delicious plant-based meats, and they told me the following:

After the successful launch of our products in the UK retail market, it has occurred to us that there is a large gap in the huge UK Grab and Go sandwich market which lacks tasty plant based protein options for vegans, vegetarians and the 4 in 10 Brits who are now reducing their consumption of animal based proteins. We were impressed and amazed by the tremendous response to the 6 vegan Tofurky sandwiches and salads displayed in this chiller at the LUNCH show this week and hope to soon be offering these throughout the UK. For more information:

Oh, yes.

How amazing would it be to start seeing these options pop up around the country?

Tofurky have been hard at work convincing UK companies to run with the concept in their stores but we as consumers can also help.

Share this blog post via social media or email with as many food retailers as possible. We can let them know that we want vegan choices in supermarkets, motorway services, cafés, universities and anywhere ready-to-consume food is sold.

Want some more photos?

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Get hassling those retailers, people. We need this! Animals need this!

You can visit Tofurky online, follow them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. So exciting!

  2. This would be amazing! I need this to happen!

  3. Why are the names all meat based?

    • Tempeh? Hickory smoked avo? Nothing meaty there.

      Stop picking holes in something for the sake of being a pedantic comment warrior.

    • Firstly I guess it’s because Tofurky are a vegan meat business and these sandwiches/wraps have all been created to showcase their products.

      Secondly because ‘Buffalo Chick’n Baguette’ sounds better than ‘Soya- & Wheat-based Plant Protein made to resemble Chicken Baguette’!

      Thirdly because if you want vegetable-filled sandwiches you can already get them in Pret-A-Manger and other high-street sandwich chains.

      Lastly, if we want less animals to be killed for food, a ‘Smoked Ham & Cheese’ sandwich is probably going to be far more attractive to an omnivore than a ‘Limp lettuce and hummus’ one.

    • I agree that it is rather sad that we can’t just enjoy the world of vegan foods without trying to imitate meat but, if we want to change the world, we probably have no choice. Read ‘Meat Unhooked’.

  4. Really excited to see these out in the wild! Vegan love!

  5. This is so exciting to have these sandwiches mainstream! I use Pret for my mainstream sandwich, but the Vegan Hippo in Soho has fantastic vegan sandwiches (egg, salami, ham and cheese!)

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