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Vegetarian restaurant is now a UK chain

By 1847 is a restaurant serving vegetarian food (with a solid showing of vegan offerings) located in the heart of Manchester. You can see my original post about the restaurant from WAY back by clicking here.

I’m not sure if I’ve been completely asleep but somehow I have missed how rapidly this business has expanded and how far flung the new locations are around the country.

By 1847 now have the original Manchester location plus Brighton, Bristol and Birmingham outlets. They are spreading quickly.


Pop along to one of the restaurants to check out their vegan offerings, including a multi-course Sunday lunch option.

It’s a shame that such a gorgeous meat-free restaurant chain with a smart vision on how to expand still includes dairy on the menu. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my dining experiences with By 1847 but that enjoyment is dampened somewhat by knowing they serve animal derived ingredients.

By 1847 really know what they are doing with food, wine and beer. I sincerely hope they come to see dairy as an unnecessary part of their success.

Follow By 1847 on Instagram and visit their website for location details.

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