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1847 was a very good year

You would think gifting the world with Morrissey is enough but no, Manchester just can’t stop giving. This time it isn’t a whip-smart, whimsical lyricist being served up by this generous Northern city but vegetarian and vegan delights in a stunning setting.

Located on the ground floor of a building that looks like an inconspicuous office block, 1847 The Vegetarian Bistro could easily be overlooked if you weren’t looking for it. Once you do track the eatery down, a huge glass frontage gives way to a charming vegetarian eatery with many vegan options and a physically attractive bar area.

Josh and I had found ourselves with some time to spare before a Martin Rossiter gig a few months ago and predictably we were feeling a tad hungry. It wasn’t long enough for a full, sit down meal but we needed something filling and 1847 hit the spot expertly.

We took a chance on some of the tapas items and we were not disappointed by any of them. The fresh bread came with a bowl of olive oil combined with balsamic vinegar. Bread dipped in oil is always a FGV favourite and 1847 got it right. Following on from the bread, Josh and I opted for the new potatoes smothered in salsa verde and white bean/sundried tomato fritters. Both of us thought the potato dish was glorious while only I was overly found of the fritters. Josh was indifferent to them, whereas I could have eaten another serving.

These three dishes amounted to just a little over £10 which I felt was extremely reasonable given the central location and fabulous decor. It is such a smartly-furnished establishment. The menu isn’t completely vegan, however cruelty-free items are marked clearly.

My thirst got the better of me so I ordered a cold bottle of the vegan beer Peroni, a perfect accompaniment to my light meal. My only complaint is that I didn’t have enough time to explore the main meals menu. I’m no psychic, but I predict quite a few future visits to 1847 for this FGV.


On the inside

Bread for dipping

New potatoes with salsa verde

White bean & sundried tomato fritters

Ice-cold Peroni

1847 is located at 58 Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3HZ although the entrance to the restaurant is located around the corner on Booth Street. The phone number is 0161 236 1811.

Follow 1847 on Twitter or ‘like’ them on Facebook.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I already owe you big time for telling me about the vegan caramels (even managed to buy some at a Waitrose service station on the M6) and now this!!* I work in Manchester and didn’t know about this place. A visit is on the cards! If we ever meet, the Peronis are on me 🙂
    (*not to mention the excellent Superdrug info…my Lush habit was getting a bit expensive)

    • I’ll hold you to the Peroni offer!

      • Absolutely!

        We tried to get reservations for Saturday night but they were full – always a good sign – so we’re going next Friday. Can’t wait.

  2. I went here on Saturday – what a place! Next time you have to stay for pudding – I had gin and tonic cake with cucumber sorbet type-stuff. Awesome.

  3. […] in the centre of the city, just a short stroll from just about anywhere. I had sampled their wares once before, but that was a rushed visit and I was determined to delve a little deeper into their vegan […]

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