Plant based with eggs?

Much excitement was experienced when I got this photo tweeted at me this morning:

Wow. A plant based bar and restaurant opening this month in London. I was giddy with joy.

Giddy until I went over the the Instagram page of Farmacy.

Their definition of plant based is slightly different to mine in that it seems to include eggs. Eggs aren’t event close to plants, right?

I have commented below one of the Farmacy Instagram posts to ask if they are using ‘real’ eggs. I suppose there is a very slim chance that they have created a plant based food stuff that looks exactly like chicken egg when cooked, but I’m not hopeful.

So it seems you have ANOTHER almost vegan eatery to add to your list, London. Farmacy is set to be located on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.

Click here to follow Farmacy on Instagram. Scroll past the egg photos, of course.

Extra note: here is a link explaining why we shouldn’t eat eggs, even eggs from rescued birds in backyards.

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