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New Swedish Glace in Sainsbury’s


Wall’s have now confirmed to multiple people via social media and email that the new Swedish Glace ice creams ARE suitable for vegans. They have also apologised for the confusion caused by saying the opposite a few days ago. Buy them all, eat them all.


This news is blowing up everywhere so you have probably already seen it, but in case you haven’t…

Sainsbury’s are now selling boxes of strawberry flavoured soya ice cream treats made by Swedish Glace. The chocolate covered delights come five to a box.

swedish glace

Exciting news, but weirdly the Sainsbury’s website lists this new product as suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. A quick search reveals they use ‘vegan’ to describe other Swedish Glace products such as this tub.

I’ve emailed Unilever (yes, that is the company in charge of Swedish Glace) to ask if the strawberry and chocolate sticks are made with only vegan ingredients but am yet to hear back.

Please fill us in if you have any information on the veganicity of these ice creams. I can’t get my chubby hands on a box from here in Mexico but I thought someone reading would have a closer look to see if the box is labelled vegan.

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