They got the message: eggs are not plant based

A few days ago I wrote about a brand new vegetarian restaurant opening in Notting Hill that was championing the fact that their menu was totally plant-based.

The problem with this statement was that when you got over to their Instagram page, the kitchen staff were busy posting photos of dishes containing chicken eggs.

A bunch of vegans (me included) posted some comments asking what gives with calling eggs a plant-based food.

The Instagram account started deleting its eggy photos and today I noticed they have changed their description to 90% plant-based.

farmacyuk instagram

Now only 90% plant-based

That’s right. ‘Totally plant-based’ belongs to us vegans. Don’t be putting it over the door of a restaurant serving eggs.

Original post about Farmacy here.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Instead of changing to 90% plant based why don’t they just give up the eggs?!

  2. Here, Here. 90% plant-based doesn’t have quite the same ring to it does it though? It’s naff. Hopefully the customers will convince them 100% is the way to go. Many other 100% plant-based QSR and restaurant going to open this year.

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