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Vegan chocolate spread

Don’t blame me when you become hopelessly devoted to this product. I’m just the messenger.

Morrisons stock a chocolate hazelnut spread in a jar for just 80p. All of the ingredients are plant-based, however it does carry the ‘might contain traces’ warning with which we are all familiar.

Check it out.

Morrisons chocolate spreadHave you tried this product? Was it tasty? Can you believe I put it back on the shelf without buying?!

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  1. Just bought some, as I went to a cinema earlier that was next-door to a Morrison’s & remembered this post (I don;t have that supermarket nearby).

    Just tried some: very sweet; nice texture; only 4% cocoa powder / hazelnuts less than that (eg Sarelle is 15% cocoa powder + more dark choc/cocoa mass/cocoa butter & hazelnuts less; unsure about proportions of other, cheaper spreads, such as the Anthony Worrell-Thompson one often in the Poundshops), so not a hugely strong taste. But most pleasant & a good low-cost item.

    I suspect I shall use it in desserts such as easy fruit ice-cream (blend frozen fruits, eg mixed berries,;soya milk & a generous heaped tablespoon or more of this).

  2. Just checked & I have a little of the AW-T spread left (11% hazelnuts, 9% cocoa, more oily texture) – this has a more distinct flavour than the Morrison’s one but the latter is still most pleasant tasted alongside & a definite bargain!

  3. Made one of my infrequent trips to Morrisons today & was disappointed to see this product now contains whey. Boo!

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