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More Than Meat

Do you remember when I wrote about More Than Meat burgers? Sure you do! (If you really don’t, click here)

More Than Meat has been serving up their brand of vegan meat alternatives for several months in Tunbridge Wells but the food vendor has moved on and is now trading once a week in a market situated in Richmond, West London.

I paid Barry and his food stand a visit yesterday, so scroll down and check out some of the tastiness I encountered.

More Than Meat stand More Than Meat menu More Than Meat sausage rolls Burger

One of the best things about More Than Meat is the packaged food you can buy. I love that you get a chance to recreate the dishes you enjoyed at the market. Check out some pictures of what I took home, plus the meal I made with the More Than Lamb box.
More Than Beef burgersMore Than Lamb casseroleI cooked some rice and pan fried cabbage with coconut oil and tamari before adding the heated More Than Lamb mix. This was one of the tastiest and most enjoyable meals of recent times.

I’m super excited about cooking up the rest of my More Than Meat goodies, including the sausage rolls and sausage patties.

You can visit More Than Meat every Sunday at the Duckpond Market in Richmond. Visit More Than Meat online, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Extra note: Barry is looking to expand his More Than Meat empire, so please let him know if you have a market he can trade at or a company that would like to sell or distribute his products.

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  1. It’s very tasty stuff (I’ve sampled the burgers, casserole and patties). The packaging needs attention though.

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