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New vegan burger

Have you heard of Tunbridge Wells? Do you know where it is?

If you answered ‘no’, I suggest you get very familiar with the town’s location before Saturday rolls around as it is set to be the scene of a vegan burger launch of epic proportions.

What can I say about this impressive-looking vegan burger that isn’t already on the flyer? Not much, except I want to eat one of these More Than Meat constructions right now.

Check it out.



Looks fabulous, right?

The More Than Meat burger stall is set to be at The Pantiles market this Saturday (March 7, 2015) from 10am. This will be the burger’s ongoing home, meaning you can grab a vegan burger in Tunbridge Wells every second Saturday.

You can follow More Than Meat on Twitter.

Click here for info and directions to the market.

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