Best melting cheese?

Vegans are always on a mission to find the cheese with best melting qualities.

Is Violife the gold star winner in the UK?

Check out this sandwich I recently devoured. The Violife cheese was actually oozing out the sides as it melted. Is this the most meltable vegan cheese in the UK right now? Or do you have a preferred brand for when you need melted cheese in your life?

Answers below!
This photo originally appeared on my Instagram account.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. I LOVE VioLife – the best cheese I’ve tried! The VioLife Cream cheese is amazing too!!

  2. my favourite is V-bites Edam supermelting. The Violife cheeses taste lovely, but sadly have no protein!

  3. The geekette in me would like to know what makes it melt…… 😉

  4. It’s got to be Vegusto No Moo Melty for me.

  5. I think violife is amazing…HOWEVER even Tesco’s own vegan cheese melts amazingly well in my toastie maker xD xxx

  6. Love VioLife! Fave so far. Haven’t tried their Edam yet though.
    Highly recommend their slices – mixed peppers is lovely. And the pizza flavour one. Tasty melted on a Fry’s ‘chicken’ burger.

  7. Violife is really good but if we are talking about melty then vegusto no moo melty wins for me. Daiya is pretty good too.

  8. Nothing melts like MozzaRisella. Fact!

  9. Violife is a great winner,

    and vegusto got a very very high quality, his only default being the price,

    plus violife is in quite a few tesco superstore now, along with the bute island food Sheese under Tesco free from brand;

  10. Looks like sex! 😛

  11. I like Violife, but my favourite for cooking/melting is Vegourmet Jeezini. Great for a cheese topping on a baked oven dish. Just so hard to find in the UK though. I end up carrying it back to Birmingham from Vx.

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