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Grocery frenzy

I’m thrilling myself by buying all the vegan groceries here in New York.

Check out my latest haul in the photos below.

20150210_021410 20150210_021351 20150210_021332 20150210_021303 20150210_021240 20150210_021212 20150210_021151 20150210_021128 20150210_021022 20150210_021009 20150210_010950Anything catch your eye?

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  1. Anything catch my eye, its ALL caught my eye. Wow awesome vegan catch there you lucky thing! How long will it last though!! Enjoy.

  2. Cookies look good but where are your Kale Crisps??

  3. How’s the Kite Hill? Does it live up to the promise?

    • I didn’t like that one. I’ve had another type by them which was good but this one tasted a bit watery and soggy. Josh loved it though.

      • What was the other one you had that you liked? I’m heading to san francisco & sand diego in a couple of weeks and will be stocking up on groceries while I’m there!

        Any hot tips for food in either of those cities?

      • Not sure of the name but the Kite Hill cheeses styled like cream cheese are much nicer. San Francisco has so much food. Millennium is an amazing restaurant that is closing soon so you should check that out. Search San Diego on my blog for my top tips. There are so many tasty treats to get your hands on!

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