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Make an effort

I don’t know why I don’t live on the East Coast of the USA. The food is on another level. Well, I do know why I don’t but I’m trying to be dramatic in order to convey how seriously they take their vegan food over there.

Take Blackbird Pizzeria of Philadelphia as just one example.

This pizza restaurant is everything you could ever hope for and more. Huge pizzas, crunchy fries, cheesy calzones, seitan wings and a 100% vegan status will make you think you have landed in plant-based heaven.

Check out the photos of my recent take out order from Blackbird. The pics below show (in order) a slice of Haymaker pizza (featuring seitan sausage, red onions, garlic butter, tomato sauce, Daiya cheese and fresh oregano) I ate as I waited for my takeout order, calzone with oozing cheese, sticky root beer seitan wings, rustic fries and a Brunchbird pizza (featuring tofu scramble, crispy seitan bacon, sautéed spinach, garlic butter, Daiya cheese).


20150205_221851 20150205_231430 20150205_231512 20150205_231554 20150205_231711Get to the East Coast. Get to Philadelphia. Get to Blackbird. It is well worth the effort.

Follow Blackbird Pizzeria on Twitter.

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