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We have a winner

If you are new to this blog, you might not know about the post category called Vegan Ice Cream Wars.

Reading these posts will open your eyes to all my frozen dessert adventures, although I mostly showcase store bought items due to a distinct lack of vegan ice cream parlours on the planet.

I don’t think NYC got the memo about vegan ice cream shops not being a thing because they have two (Blythe Ann’s and DF Mavens). I recently visited DF Mavens in the East Village and I walked away an extremely happy FGV.

The feeling of entering a gorgeous shop front and being confronted by a huge, 100% vegan ice cream selection can only be described as joyous. I actually got a bit emotional.

The servers were beyond friendly and every flavour I tried was scrumptious.

When you come to New York, make time for DF Mavens. It is your duty as a plant based eater.

20150208_191725 20150208_191921 20150208_193717 20150208_203934You can follow DF Mavens on Twitter and be sure to look for their tubs in Whole Foods Market stores, too.

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  1. I saw tubs of DF Mavens in Wholefoods and tried one flavour. I can’t wait to visit the shop.

    Looks like this is run by the guy who was involved in first setting up Stogo nearby, so not quite the sudden departure from dairy that’s being touted in the press about the new brand. Did you try Stogo FGV? How does the new stuff compare to that?

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