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Vegan frozen yoghurt

Slowly, the UK is getting its act together in the frozen dessert department. You all saw the recent post about the new Almond Dream ice cream and now the friendly people of Coconut Collaborative have come on board with their frozen vegan yoghurts.

I recently picked up a tub of their Raspberry Snowconut and enjoyed myself. Creamy and sweet, but not outstanding. It is the type of frozen treat I would indulge in when I can’t get my hands on one of my favourite brands but have a hankering.

snowconut two
The Coconut Collaborative frozen yoghurt also comes in Chocolate and Mango.

You can follow Coconut Collaborative on Twitter

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  1. in manchester, froyo bar- frurt frozen yogurt who have 2 locations and 2 self serve bars, do 2 fresh soya frozen yogurts everyday 🙂

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