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FGV on the loose

I know you love these photo heavy posts. I know because they always get a whole lot of traffic. Forget about me pouring my heart out, you greedy so-and-sos want food photos and you want them now.

I won’t stand in your way.

Following is photographic evidence of my first ever trip inside a Veganz store (Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg branch). As all plant-eaters know, Veganz is a chain of mini grocery stores and delis, founded in Germany, where every single item for sale is vegan.

OK. Here goes.

candy bites uptons quiche pockets beyond meat pizza squares cookie dough creamer kettle chips peanut cups so delicious scroll

*Disclaimer: I work for Fry’s in the UK. I have included one of their products that is not available in the UK.

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  1. I’ve just fainted!

  2. I hope you try some of their huge selection of Brotaufstriche (the little glass jars or plastic tubs of spread to put on bread — sweet, savory, etc.) — I really wish we had that sort of thing in the UK!

  3. Give me those No No’s and no one will get hurt …

  4. That’s not fair. Most Fry’s stuff gives me chronic indigestion (whatever meat replacement they use doesn’t work for me), so I can’t eat it, but that actually sounds edible and nice.

  5. I want Upton’s products over here! Their stuff looks amazing.

  6. I can’t help but notice that everything you bought is labelled in English, Sean–did you deliberately avoid German-labelled products? 🙂

  7. What was best? 🙂

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