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Keep on truckin’

I need your help.

The unthinkable happened today. I saw a new vegan food truck located in Camden Lock Market and I didn’t buy any food. My stomach was beyond capacity following epic eating sessions at both Mr. Falafel and Cookies & Scream. I simply couldn’t fit in another morsel.

So you see, you need to assist me in getting information out to the vegan masses.

Your task, if you accept it, is to get down to Camden Lock Market and locate Rupert’s Street Food truck. Once you have found the food vending van, buy vegan savouries, cakes and drinks before reporting back on this very page.

Can you handle it?

Rupert's Street Food

Rupert’s Street Food



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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. wish i could!

  2. I will make it my mission. Hopefully I can get there soon!

  3. Oh I can only dream of a vegan food truck in regional Australia! Count your blessings!

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