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Over the moor

Sometimes you have to go the distance for a quality meal. When I lived in Australia, I would travel from Brisbane to the Gold Coast for stunning vegan pizza at Threeworlds Organic Cafe. My Los Angeles vacations don’t seem complete

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And people are stupid

War is horrific. Conflicts currently raging around the globe are responsible for destruction, death and untold suffering. Historical battles account for the loss of life of millions and millions of humans. In addition, many non-human animals perish during wartime but

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London Vegan Potluck II review

Last night was simply amazing. London-based vegans and their friends converged on Ms. Cupcake in Brixton for the 2nd London Vegan Potluck and what a night we enjoyed! The company was engaging, the free Sweetbird smoothies flew off the table

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I’m too much in love

An important part of my FGV job description is to search out the most delicious candy and chocolate in the world. I don’t want to do it, but I must if I intend to keep hold of my position. My

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