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London Vegan Potluck II review

London Vegan Potluck II

Last night was simply amazing. London-based vegans and their friends converged on Ms. Cupcake in Brixton for the 2nd London Vegan Potluck and what a night we enjoyed!

The company was engaging, the free Sweetbird smoothies flew off the table and the vegan food on offer was beyond amazing. Thank you to everyone who poured their heart into a dish. There is nothing like staring at a table of over 30 dishes and knowing everything is vegan.

Before we move on to looking at the photos, I need to say a massive thank you to Sweetbird for the sponsorship. Please tweet, message on Facebook or contact via their website to let Sweetbird  know how much you appreciate them getting behind our vegan event. If you tried one or more of their smoothies, let them know what you thought. They would love to hear from us. Keep an eye out for them in shops, cafes and coffee outlets too.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Ms. Cupcake and her staff. The Brixton venue is perfect for this event and the extra work they put in to help make the potluck a reality is very much appreciated. Vegan Bear stole the show with his Spanish ‘Chicken’!

Now, here comes the fun part. Cast an eye over some of the food from last night. Simply amazing food was supplied by our more than 30 attendees. Salads, cakes, muffins, truffles and so much more was on offer. If you missed out, there is always next time… July 6 to be precise. See you there.

Donut muffins

Bruschetta & sweet potato spread

Frangipane courtesy of October Cafe

Macaroni & sauce

Delicious vegan macarons

Pomegranate meat balls

Nut loaf

Cheeze scones by Ms. Cupcake

Chilled fruit soup accompanied by marinated tempeh

Spanish 'chicken'

Sweetbird smoothies on show

Blackforest tart

Sasha struggles to pick a smoothie

Zucchini loaf

Fakin' bacon bites


Maki sushi


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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Ooh FGV, I love you for posting this! I didn’t come (boo!) This is now, alas, my second only regret in life. I wished I had been there to sample all the food, (vegan frangipani!), offer my own too, AND meet all those lovely people. Put me down for attendance at the next one… I’m in East Sussex though, can I be forgiven for bringing shop bought vegan delights as not sure about carrying armfuls of food on trains/tubes etc?

    • I just want you to be there! Bring a bag of apples for all we care. LOL xx

  2. Nice job! This is getting only bigger and better! I fully expect there to be in excess of 60 people attending when I arrive in October. 😉

  3. Thank-you for such a fantastic evening.
    The food was wonderful and the company was great.
    Everyone made such effort with their dishes.
    Who would want to be anything else when we can attend events like this.
    Thank-you to Ms Cupcake ,Vegan bear and all her staff for hosting the event.
    I agree the spanish chicken from Vegan bear was very special ( and didn’t last long)
    Thank-you also to Sweetbird for their sponsorship.
    I hadn’t tried their smoothies before and simply loved them.
    I have written to them this morning to thank them for being so generous.
    It’s good to see some great reviews on the meet up groups this morning.
    The only downsize is having to wait a whole month before we can do it all again
    ( hope July comes around quickly)
    Finally London has a regular Vegan Potluck that befits such a great city
    take a bow Sean and Josh for making it happen

    • Take a bow EVERYONE for making it happen! Potluck wouldn’t happen without potluckers. Thank you for the kind words, Linda.

      • Well said i couldn’t agree more but we need great organisers
        to oversee it all and pull it together every month aswell
        so thank you for that ,and of course to everyone who makes it the wonderful event it is.

  4. Below are some comments posted on the meet up groups today about the

    Storm Weathers (+1)
    My goodness me what a fantastic evening.Some of the best food i’ve had in quite a while and really nice group of people.Really well organised a massive thumbs up for me roll on July when we can do it al again

    Solitude Skye (+2)
    The food was fantastic ( and there was so much of it) everyone had really made an effort with alot of great dishes.Attendance was great ( lots of lovely friendly people) and the hosts were terrific. We had a lovely evening.I can’t wait for the next one.

    Brilliant, fun and great cooks out there, will promise to bring goodies of surprises next time !!!

    • This is fabulous to read. I am so happy that people had a great time. xx

      • Yes lovely to read such nice comments

  5. I had a fab time! Can’t wait for the next one.

  6. Awesome! Who made those chocolates? Where can I get some? Amazing!

  7. That all looks amazing! Pomegranate meat balls? Yum yum. Who made them?

  8. Wow the food looks totally amaze, wish I lived in London. Well done Josh and Sean!

  9. Food looks amazing, are there any recipes available?

    • Hi Clare. I don’t have any of the recipes. Maybe if there is something in particular you are after, you can post on here and the creator of the dish can answer.

  10. […] had a few people request this vegan meatball recipe since I made it for the June London Vegan Potluck and two months later I’ve finally got around to making it again, snapping a pic, and typing […]

  11. I’m gutted I missed this as its only just down the road from me 🙁 Will there be another one?

    • There have been two more since this one! They happen the first Wednesday of every month. Come along.

  12. […] had a few people request this vegan meatball recipe since I made it for the June London Vegan Potluck and two months later I’ve finally got around to making it again, snapping a pic, and typing […]

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