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Legumes for me

Delicious vegan snack

Here we have a super fast post about a terrific snack on the go.

When it comes to snacks, one of my favourite companies is Tyrrells. Operating out of Herefordshire, Tyrrells produce a large range of gourmet potato crisps of which a significant amount are marked as suitable for vegans. I have long been a fan(atic) of their crisps and now I have an extra reason to sing their praises. That reason is Habas Fritas.

This packet of glory contains broad beans that have been covered in some sort of magical and irresistible coating before being cooked to crunchy perfection. Never before have I experienced such an urge to keep eating. Every time I have torn a packet open, the bag hasn’t left my hand until every last bean was in my belly.

Apologies for the short post but I’ve worked myself into such a Tyrrells frenzy I need to go shopping. You should grab a bag soon and let me know what you think.

Habas Fritas in my FGV hand

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  1. Have you tried any other brand of Habas Fritas? I’ve had them before from some company that supplies Holland & Barrat and they were really good. I was just wondering if these ar better?? And therefore worth hunting down?

    • I had another brand that I bought in Glossop funnily enough! There is a health food store on the main street. The bag was pretty big and they were delicious. Not sure if they were better or worse than Tyrrells… almost the same I would say.

      • In which case I will not go on some mad hunting adventure but get them if I ever see them 🙂

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