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Something strawberry and vegan for the weekend

The UK is alive with excitement. The sun is out in full force, the temperature is rising and people are wearing a lot less clothing. I arrived in a bustling, blistering Leeds today just in time for a long, long weekend and I’m more than ready to have a good time. I’m sure you know nothing says ‘good time’ quite like vegan cider and the vegan cider is better still when it is strawberry-flavoured and in a can.

Brothers Cider are makers of delicious drinks. I have previously written about consuming their range here and here. Their glorious selection of flavours include toffee apple, tutti frutti, lemon and the recently-released ginger. Brothers are fast becoming a firm FGV favourite and my love is growing exponentially as summer approaches. As news hit my Twitter feed today regarding the strawberry Brothers Cider being sold in cans, I instantly new what my Leeds long weekend drink-of-choice was going to be.

Strawberry vegan cider by Brothers

Seconds after my train pulled into Leeds station, I hotfooted it to supermarket chain Morrisons in the city centre to pick up a few cans. To my delight, they were selling an 8-pack of cans for only £9.00. Too bad I am not hosting a party this weekend… the store were also selling 3 packs for £18.oo. 24 cans of vegan, strawberry cider for under £20 people. Now that is a deal.

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  1. Hi there, just found your blog and think it is great. Would love to follow you on FB and twitter, how do I get there? It seems you are a young blog, and I hope that you continue writing, because well, fat, gay and vegan? Who can resist! Love it…
    Sincerely the Kitchen Shaman

    • Okay, I found your twitter and FB links…disregard my asking about it. Sometimes I’m a little dense.

      • Thanks for finding me (and the links!)

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  3. I made a multitude of calls and eventually got through to an owner who said it was vege friendly, (I’m not vegan, but I am vegie). He assured me that it was suitable for me, my question is, why aren’t they showing it on the bottles if they are so sure?

    • I find that a bit strange too. I have asked them publicly about it being vegan on Facebook and they confirmed on there. They also have something on their website saying all the ciders are vegan friendly.

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