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Toffee apples delight me

I am enraptured with cider. Apple and pear varieties will often be found glistening in a glass or bottle close to my lips. It is my drink of choice and I often proclaim that nothing is more delectable than cider. Well guess what? It gets better still for a cider-loving FGV like me.

Toffee Apple cider by Brothers... truly scrumptious.

A while ago, I took you on a brief journey through the wonderful world of Brothers Cider. You probably recall my words of wonder and delight upon discovering their Strawberry and Pear flavours (if you are hazy, check first post here). Well, strap yourself in as cider suddenly gets all sorts of ridiculous with the Toffee Apple variety. Yes, Toffee Apple!

It took monumental willpower and self-assertion to actually take the time to chill this cider before tearing the cap off. I gave the drinks a few hours to cool up in the fridge and Brother was it worth it! This cider is outrageously-tasty.

After the glorious arrival of the sweet, smooth and seductive Toffee Apple flavour into my life, I revisited an old friend during a trip to the O2 Arena in London this week. I was on site to attend a concert by rapper/singer/songwriter/actor/director Plan B and was blown away to discover Brothers Cider to be one of the resident alcoholic brands of the venue. I was completely in my element. I celebrated the show by enjoying several bottles of their Strawberry cider.

Drinking vegans rejoice. Brothers Cider is delicious, cruelty-free and available in many flavours including Lemon, Apple, Pear and the tantalisingly-titled Tutti Frutti. Hopefully it will delight you just as much as it has tickled my fancy.

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