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When I’m with you, I feel Nakd and sacred

I’m not opposed to eating healthy food, I just need it to be delicious as well as good for me.

Nakd gluten free and vegan bars

I love snacks. Bite-sized morsels and finger foods are always within my chubby reach. But sometimes a FGV has to show some self-control and opt for a healthy selection when shopping for in-between meals. It was this sentiment that inspired me to pick up a couple of Nakd bars. This healthy range of snacks are available in 7 flavours and are vegan, gluten free and almost all completely raw. You can choose between Cashew Cookie, Berry Delight, Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Orange, Ginger Bread and Pecan Pie. Sound fantastic, yeah? Well, I don’t mean to be a sour cherry, but the two flavours I was tempted to purchase weren’t my style of eating at all.

This FGV wasn’t excited by Nakd bars

To be honest (and a FGV is always honest), I couldn’t tell the difference between the Cocoa Orange and the Cashew Cookie. Nakd remind me of those space food bars I had as a kid but not as tasty. Hopefully all my moaning won’t put you off if you are normally a fan of this type of food. I’m sure Nakd have a willing audience as I have seen them in London, Leeds and Manchester across a range of stores. Let me know if you completely disagree with my review. Hey, maybe one of the other flavours is worth going back for.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. yikes, that doesn’t really look appetizing. WAY too “healthy-looking” for my taste. if you are gonna indulge, indulge…ya know?! oh well, these would probably be good for somebody who was about to go exercise or something and wanted to be totally healthy.

    • And the worst part is they have such enticing names like Cashew Cookie!

  2. I totally disagree! I really like them! I guess it might depend how you approach them. I look at the ingredients (super healthy), calorie amount (pretty good) and then taste them and really enjoy them – taste indulgent but they are actually super healthy. I genuinely love them! I recommend cocoa mint – give that one a try.

    Jen :o)

    • Good to hear another angle on this. I will definitely be trying another flavour sometime in the future.

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