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Short and sweet

No messing about here with witty remarks. When it comes to vegan sweets, there is no time for being verbose. It gets in the way of eating.

Vegan candy from Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s is a leading UK grocery retailer that is ever-increasing its range of vegan items. Two of the latest additions to their cruelty-free repertoire are exactly the sort of foodstuffs that keep me worthy of my name. Strawberry Lances and Strawberry Pencils are sugar delights that will do nothing for your health but plenty to satisfy cravings. I was especially  smitten with the lances. These sweet and sour straps are my new favourite candy and will definitely become a staple product in the Haus of FGV pantry.

Grab a bag (or 3) today.

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  1. They just changed the recipe for the Strawberry Pencils!!! Now there is gelatine in them :'(

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