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Beauty without cruelty

Even a FGV needs to look good sometimes.

Vegan Cherry & Fig hair care from Superdrug

Looking good and feeling gorgeous can be a chore when you are committed to animal welfare. Drug and cosmetic companies are notorious for filling products with by-products of murdered animals and conducting horrendous (and pointless) experiments on unsuspecting creatures. Some ingredients of the personal hygiene sector can even include horse urine. Seriously.

With this rampant exploitation of animals, it can be difficult to find peaceful personal products but UK retailer Superdrug are attempting to make your shopping experience more non-human friendly. This high street pharmacy chain employ an anti animal testing charter which states:

“We and our own brand manufacturers do not commission animal testing on any Superdrug own brand products or ingredients. Our own brand cosmetics, toiletry and household ranges have not been tested on animals by us or by our own brand manufacturers.”

On top of the charter, Superdrug explicitly label which of their own branded products are suitable for vegans. Choose from hair products, moisturisers, face wash, skin care and dozens of lines for all parts of your body. I am currently enamoured with the Cherry and Fig shampoo and conditioner. It smells divine.

If you wanna look good while respecting the welfare of animals, Superdrug has all your beauty needs… and their prices are extremely reasonable to boot. Win.


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