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If you haven’t been investigating the in-house range of beauty products and toiletries at UK high street mega-retailer Superdrug, then you have been missing out on a staggeringly-comprehensive range of cruelty-free items.

Superdrug is always a FGV shopping destination when the bathroom supplies are running low. The company proudly displays the instantly-recognisable bunny logo of accreditation entity BUAV on their entire range. This ensures that vegan shoppers can pick up any item from the Superdrug range and feel confident that none of the ingredients have been tested on non-human animals.

Superdrug label

Better still, Superdrug have a simple and clear labeling practice that will please vegan shoppers even more. If an item has not been tested on animals and contains no ingredients of non-human animal origins, the container will state that it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Superdrug have really brought animal welfare and links to cosmetics to the mainstream.

You might recall a brief article on this blog a few months ago about the gorgeous fig and cherry shampoo I was using. Since then, the number of Superdrug products in my bathroom has exploded. The photos below are only the items I have on vacation with me. There are even more back home in my UK bathroom. If you need cruelty-free make up, body wash, toothpaste, sun care, hand wash, dental floss, hair care, face masks or quite possibly anything else you can dream of then Superdrug is the store for you.

Thank you Superdrug for being a market leader and for doing it so affordably. Much FGV love to you.

Vegan vitamin E cream

Vegan sun care lotions

Taming FGV hair with vegan putty

Vegan shampoo

Vegan face wash

Keeping it fresh

Stay dry & be vegan

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. totally agree! So cheap, too. I also like how if something has honey or silk it will label it as suitable for vegetarians but not vegans which fills me with confidence then when buying

  2. I love Superdrug, especially the sun tan lotion and toothpaste!
    During the end of June/early July there was a bit of a clear out going on there and I managed to get Superdrug liquid soap for 19p, some conditioner for 20p, and some lush shower gels for 49p. Sadly they were so reduced because they’ve been discontinued, but like you say Superdrug is filled with vegan items so I’m sure I’ll find replacements when I run out 🙂

  3. Thank you – I did NOT know this and my toiletries are always from the health food shop and cost a fortune! I shall skip straight off to superdrug now 🙂

  4. Yep they are absolutely brilliant and prove that you can make (and properly label) vegan products without charging a premium. I love the Essential range for facewash and moisturiser, and even their aerosol deodorant is marked as suitable for vegans which I have NEVER seen anywhere else. Thanks Superdrug!

  5. I just did a post on Superdrug too! Love it! http://jenthevegan.wordpress.com/2011/07/31/superdrug/
    I feel a bit daft having been a vegan for 18 months and only just finding out this treasure trove of toiletries!!

  6. They have vegan hairspray too! I love your useful blog FGV 🙂

  7. I never go into SD…do they contain SLS or parabens? I usually use Faith in Nature as they are vegan and animal kind but I know more and more companies are ditching these harmful chemicals.

  8. Agree, they are ace. Clear labelling is all I ask, and they deliver. Well done Supedrug!

  9. I love that superdrug is so good at labelling and that they have so many vegan products. Hopefully other retailers will follow suit soon!

  10. Hi there! Relevant to your post on cruelty-free products, VegNews recently wrote an article that voices support for US Legislation that would result in massive animal testing. This is clearly a lack of research on their part. Anyway, I wrote an article about this if you would like more information: http://personalcaretruth.com/2011/08/vegnews-magazine-endorses-animal-testing-legislation/

  11. […] in August, FGV did a post on his blog about the chain Superdrug and how their house brand of beauty products were almost […]

  12. Oh, thanks for this info. I am so going to start shopping at Superdrug 🙂

  13. You just saved me a buttload of money…thank you FGV! 🙂

  14. […] was sniffing around my local Superdrug store (which we all know is a hotbed of cruelty-free personal care items, even for travellers) when I saw a large display for a product […]

  15. I love that there is affordable, cheap vegan products but I began to boycott Superdrug years ago on account of the fact that their parent company is one of the largest backers of Tar Sands mining. I am very tempting but I just feel that I would be working against my ultimate goal.

    What does everyone else think? I suppose it’s no different to the Palm oil debate…

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