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Dunker licking good

Bite-sized, crumbed and oven cooked. You know you want it.

Vegetable Dunkers... vegan frozen food

There is a profit-fuelled frenzy occuring in UK supermarkets and grocery stores. Major chains are falling over each other to snare a larger slice of the compassionate shopper market and we vegans are faced with an ever-expanding choice. Alongside old-timers such as tofu, shop shelves are now showcasing cruelty-free newbies such as roast ‘beef’, air freshener, dishwashing liquid, hairspray and countless other products labeled suitable for vegans.

Dunkers and hot vegetables

One of my favourites from this overwhelming wave of cruelty-free items is the new box of Vegetable Dunkers from Sainsbury’s. I recently purchased a frozen box, raced home through the icy streets and shoved them into the oven. Minutes later they were sitting on my plate with greens and carrot cooked in an agave/balsamic marinade. I threw in a few chipotles for good measure.

Dunkers. Vegan. Get ’em while they’re hot.

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