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I like my steak vegan

I have a problem. Potato.

The new Flamed Steak crisps by Kettle - vegan glory!

Fried, mashed or even steamed. I cannot get enough of this most common of common root vegetables. Some people have joked it must be my Irish heritage compelling me to eat barrels of the stuff. I’m not sure there is much truth in that statement (but definitely some thinly-veiled racism), but I do know that potato makes me a happy FGV.

I was avoiding the sudden and spectacular snow shower in London yesterday when my eyes fell upon a glorious sight… a new flavour of potato crisp. Taking note of my aforementioned attraction to pommes de terre, you can imagine the length of time it took for said product to reach my mouth.

I’m not normally one for hyperbole, but I know potato and I’m not afraid to pronounce the Kettle Flamed Steak Flavoured ridge-cut crisps to be one of the most delicious and irresistible presentations of potato ever seen. These salty snacks are clearly labeled vegan and are truly a taste sensation.

Indulge your desire for carbs and pick up a packet soon. I grabbed mine at Sainsbury’s Kensington, but I’m sure they wouldn’t be hard to track down. Let me know what you think.

Sainsbury’s Cromwell Road 158a Cromwell Road, LONDON, SW7 4EJ

Nearest Underground station: Gloucester Road

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