Vegan Quorn burger

After hearing about this product for many months, I finally saw it in the freezer at a Whole Foods Market store in Los Angeles today.
Now this is going to sound strange, but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. Read more ›

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Turkey to London British Airways meal

Josh is back with another airline meal report from his recent trip to Turkey. He already filled you in on his inflight meal on the way there and soon he’ll have a full report about vegan offerings in Istanbul. In the meantime read all about his meal on the way back…

Read more ›

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Cheese spreads even further

I recently asked the question “Is Violife the best melting cheese in the UK?” and many people replied in the affirmative.

However, some readers asked a question of their own. They wanted to know where in the country they could buy this vegan cheese.

Well, I’m happy to report I have an update on where you can pick up this plant-based favourite.

A super considerate reader named Jon reached out to me today to let me know he found the Violife brand in an Asda store. This vegan cheese is spreading across the UK faster than I can handle!

Check out Jon’s haul of the good stuff in his shopping trolley. Read more ›

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Sad news

Josh and I are currently in San Diego visiting friends and dropping in on some of our favourite eateries.

We took a drive yesterday to one of the best (the best?) vegan fast food outlets on the planet, only to find a strange scene playing out in the parking lot.

As we pulled up to Evolution, we noticed a swarm of work trucks in the lot and people hurrying about cleaning and washing equipment. My heart sank as it looked as though my favourite place to eat in San Diego had closed down.

The truth is even more upsetting. Read more ›

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We’re on the telly

My inbox just blew up big time.

Every single person in the UK is desperate to let me know that my fab monthly party, Queer Vegan Disco, was mentioned on a Channel 4 program tonight. The Night Bus is a fly-on-the-wall docu-series that showcases the people of London as they attempt to get home on the night bus network in the early hours following the closure of the Underground trains.

Tonight featured the number 29 from Wood Green which means the wonderful Michelle and Mat were featured moments after leaving Queer Vegan Disco.

Check out the video! Read more ›

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Best vegan food

I’m currently in California where I’m enjoying sunshine, friends and a hell of a lot of fabulous vegan food.

The place where these three components met in perfect unison was the 6th Annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival. Thousands and thousands of revellers converged on the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for a day of drinking, eating and socialising.

Check out some of the impressive food photos I shot on the day, as well as photos taken by my friends. Try not to drool. Read more ›

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Be a tosser

Josh is our guest writer today and he is bringing us some news that might very well change the way you eat in Central London.

Take it away, Josh. Read more ›

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LA update

I’ve woken early on the morning of the 6th annual Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival due to jet lag. My body is struggling to adjust to the time difference on this trip. I want to sleep when I shouldn’t and can’t when I should.

I’ll take advantage of this early rise to update you on a few of the gorgeous food experiences I’ve had here in California.

Hope you’ve eaten already.  Read more ›

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Yorkshire in June

Here is a super quick reminder.

You can start making plans to visit The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds on June 13, 2015.

This event is run completely by volunteers in order to raise money for animal charities. You got a problem with that? No, didn’t think so!

You can visit the event website here and let them know you are coming along over on the Facebook event.


brunch bottom banner

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They had my vegan meal for me on my shared British Airways/American Airlines flight from London Heathrow to Los Angeles. Yep, they had it for me alright.

The problem was it just wan’t very exciting. My latest vegan airline meal was in fact so dull, I’ve spruced up this blog post about it by including photos I took of Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean on my inflight entertainment screen.

See the dreary food and fabulous Hollywood stars below. Read more ›

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