Not vegan

Is this a world first?

I picked up a packet of sweets today, flipped it over and saw the words ‘suitable for vegetarians/vegans’. Great!

I could have stopped there and bought the packet of wickedly wild watermelon candy sticks but being the fussy vegan I am, I scanned the ingredients list.

First red flag? Beeswax. Second? Gelatine. Read more ›

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Vegan pub food

London, you have new vegan food options and they look incredible.

On the Holloway Road sits a live music venue called 12 Bar Club. This venue hosts live music and any given day will find punters enjoying indie, alt-country, punk, folk and rock ‘n’ roll bands.

This is all well and good but I promised you talk of vegan food, right?

Phil T’s at the 12 Bar is the new name for the kitchen inside this north London location. The menu reads like a gourmet rundown of British comfort food and every course has a vegan option. No, I don’t mean you have to ask for salad. Phil T and his team will serve you straight up, wholesome vegan comfort food and you can order it from the menu without having to freak out or nervously explain plant-based eating to your server.

Check out the feast Fran of Vx recently enjoyed in the restaurant. (Thanks for the pics, Fran!) Read more ›

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Cheap vegan

Here is a game for us to play.

Is this the most inexpensive product you have ever seen with a vegan label?

fetch-UID-This jar carries the Sainsbury’s ‘vegan’ label on the reverse. I want to know if you have seen a product cheaper that is also labelled vegan.

Answers in the comments below. This will be fun!

Let’s get cheap.

Please note: the product needs to be labelled vegan for it to count.

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Chip shop curry sauce

Oh, yes. Vegan chip shop curry sauce in a jar thanks to Sainsbury’s.

I’m from Brisbane, Australia so it is understandable that I have never eaten chips with curry sauce. We were too busy experiencing homophobic bullying at the hands of a corrupt police force to hunt out such exotic food stuffs. (Kinda joking. Google ‘corrupt Queensland police’ if you enjoy that sort of thing. But pack a lunch, it will be a long read).

Due to my mundane food experiences as an oppressed queer teenager, I don’t know too much about the chip shop curry sauce phenomenon.

Is it a thing all over the UK or just in certain parts? Is it delicious? Or horrendous?

Extra note: this jar carries the Sainsbury’s vegan label and the photo originally appeared on my Instagram account which you can see here.

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Pizza Express

I think every vegan in the UK knows Pizza Express now offers a vegan, cheeseless pizza so I won’t go on about it for too long.

I popped into a nearby outlet (there are over 400 in the UK) to try the Pianta, the only pizza purposively made vegan by Pizza Express. The base is topped with spinach, chestnut mushrooms, pine kernels and artichokes, with a jumbo portion of fresh rocket piled on for good measure.

As all the doughs made by Pizza Express are vegan, I also indulged in a plate of dough balls with olive oil for dipping. I suggest stressing to your server how important it is the dough balls are brought to your table without the garlic butter.

My food was tasty and convenient.

20150117_202129 20150117_205256You can click here to read all about the Pizza Express considerations for vegans, including the fact they permit you to bring in your own vegan cheese for the kitchen to add to your order.

What do you think? Do you eat with Pizza Express often?

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Truly disappointing

I don’t have a lot to say about this quote from recently-celebrated recipe blogger and cookbook author Ella Woodward:

ella quoteActually, I have a few things to say.

Ella. My veganism is not fired by a desire to make people feel bad or judged. My veganism is a lifelong commitment to improving outcomes for non-human animals. My choice to not eat meat, dairy, eggs or honey has nothing to do with wanting to feel superior and everything to do with a desire to reduce harm.

It is incredibly disappointing to see you use your newly-acquired platform to take a swipe at compassionate people.

You are quoted in your Telegraph interview as saying “I’m not sitting here judging anyone” when the opposite is clearly true.

You are sitting in judgement of tens of thousands of vegan people who have pre-ordered your book, along with many of your non-vegan readers who have been considering transitioning to a full time plant-based diet (and possibly lifestyle) thanks to your inspirational recipes.

My hope is one day soon your world view broadens to include compassion for animals and also the people making everyday decisions to save them. Selling recipes based on your own personal wellbeing success story is not the only positivity your situation could bring to the planet.

Don’t sell your legacy short with out-dated stereotypes of judgemental vegans. It makes you appear close-minded, ill-informed and divisive.

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Vegana en la ciudad

I included my favourite urban area on the planet in recent my top ten list of cities for vegans. I absolutely adore Mexico City, which is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations for compassionate eaters.

I awoke this morning to a dreary London day, so the last thing I needed was a reminder of what I’m missing on the other side of the world.

Cue my pal, Kay.

Kay is currently working in Mexico City and making me extremely jealous with food photos, including shots of this vegan taquería called Por Siempre.

For anyone not familiar with Mexican street food, a taquería is a food stand serving tacos with freshly cooked fillings and sauces. I don’t think I could even hazard a guess as to how many taquerías there are in the Mexican capital.

Of course the overwhelming majority of taquerías in Mexico City serve mounds of horrendous meat, but Por Siempre is the glorious exception. It is a vegan taco stand!

Por Siempre is just one more reason why Mexico City is a must-visit destination for vegan travellers. Check out the photos sent by Kay and ‘like’ the vegan taco stand on Facebook.

It looks like it is doing a roaring trade! Read more ›

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All the ice cream

Here is a super quick post to let London people know where to find all four flavours of the Almond Dream ice creams.

Waitrose in Richmond. That is where I saw the Velvety Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip and Praline Crunch varieties in one freezer. I have seen individual flavours dotted around but this was my first experience of the entire range in one shop.

20150122_171227Have you seen all four flavours in one spot? Share your sighting in the comments below for other vegan ice cream lovers.

Extra note: the Praline Crunch is the best of the range.

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Get into Vx

Do you need convincing to get into vegan grocery store Vx this weekend? Because I’ve got some compelling arguments for you to hurry down there right now, London.

Check out my solid reasons for making a speedy trip to this King’s Cross retail outlet ASAP. Read more ›

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Guest hosts

I am incredibly proud of London Vegan Drinks.

This party has been running since 2011 and has established itself (with a little bit of help from me) as one of the biggest and best monthly social events for vegans on the planet.

The current location (Kabaret @ Karamel) welcomes in excess of 100 vegans and their friends on the first Saturday of every month. With a 100% vegan venue, lots of friendly faces and late night sets from a rotating line up of DJs, London Vegan Drinks is a party not to be missed each month.

But I am missing it in February!

My insatiable desire for off-Broadway theatre and overeating is taking me to New York City on the day I should be hosting London Vegan Drinks in February, therefore I have sourced the finest guest hosts in the capital. Only the best for the best.

IMG_9616Meet Bob. Bob is a party planner not to be underestimated. She has had a hand in some of the biggest fashion events in the capital and (as she proved at my roller disco last year) is an extremely competent roller skater.

Bob won’t be on roller skates on Saturday February 7th, 2015 but she will be armed with name stickers and a giant smile.

You can follow Bob on Instagram.


London Vegan Drinks is such a massive party, it needs reinforcements. Enter James and Angela of ethical boutique and vegan shoe store, The Third Estate.

The Camden/Kentish Town store run by James and Angela is a vegan landmark. People come from all over the UK and the world to shop with the compassionate duo. The blog post I published about The Third Estate is still one of the most viewed in the history of this site.

If you are new to London Vegan Drinks on Saturday February 7th, 2015 then cosy up to these two and they will make you feel like an old friend. Also marvel at the unrivalled song selection prowess of James as he takes to the DJ decks later in the evening.

You can like The Third Estate on Facebook.

London Vegan Drinks is going to be one heck of a party in February. Makes me kinda wish I wasn’t missing it.

Get all the details about the location and transport options here.

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