Raw vegan in Chelsea

It could come as a surprise to many readers, but I very much enjoy quality raw vegan food. I’m not just talking about the fruit salad I force myself to eat every now and then but well-executed raw cuisine. I’m pleased to say I have found a provider of such food in London.

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Vegan at Wagamama

Josh has climbed on board the blogging train tonight to tell us all about his recent vegan food adventure inside the UK version of international chain restaurant Wagamama.

Take it away, Josh. Read more ›

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Eat in King’s Cross

Do you live, work or travel in the King’s Cross area? If you said yes, start licking your lips.

Club Mexicana is a new 100% vegan street food endeavour that is currently popping up every Wednesday as part of the Kerb market on Granary Square just a short stroll from King’s Cross station. You might recall the stall cut its chops as a pop up venture in the Black Cat Cafe across several Saturday nights a few months back.

Check out the photos below to be impressed by the stunning taco, tortilla chips and soup tray on offer from the market stall. The fillings rotate week to week but you will always find a combination of either BBQ pulled jackfruit, beer-marinated seitan, smokey black beans & potatoes and tequila drunken black beans.

How fab does it look? Read more ›

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That’s what I’m talking about

My buddy Joe constantly sends photos of all the fab vegan food he has been spotting since he moved to Berlin. I can hardly take it!

I had only just calmed down from my latest rant about the lack of decadent vegan ice cream in the UK when the following photos crash landed in my inbox.

Thanks, Joe. You really know how to make a fat, gay vegan envious. Read more ›

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Cakes ‘n’ Treats Camden

Even before it opened I received emails from readers asking if I had information about the vegan business Cakes ‘n’ Treats based in Camden, specifically about the rumours of it being linked to individuals with far-right and fascist leanings and ideologies.

In response to this overwhelming interest in the topic (I still receive multiple emails about it each month), I am sharing two links which I feel give an insight that readers might find informative. Read more ›

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Vegan mince in Tesco

The spread of vegan food through our mainstream supermarkets marches on with the launch of frozen soya mince by the enormous Tesco chain.

Tesco has usually played second fiddle to its competitors when it comes to labelling for compassionate shoppers, however they do appear to be making an effort of late. This effort can be seen in the showcase of vegan-suitable products taking place in limited stores, as well as this newest frozen meat substitute.

Check out the photos of the frozen vegan mince below. Read more ›

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Be a Twitter hitter

I have been invited to contribute to a discussion at the Specialty and Fine Food Fair taking place at London Olympia on September 7-9, 2014.

Here are the quick facts you need: Read more ›

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Best news ever

There is so much good news to cram into this blog post, I can barely sit still due to my excitement levels.

I’m just going to have to give it to you in bite size chunks in order for you to be able to take it all in.

Here goes: Read more ›

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Up North

I am thrilled to announce that on September 13th, 2014 I will be hosting a vegan speed meeting event at the Northern Vegan Festival taking place in the Empress Ballroom of the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

blackpool meet

Here is a short piece of information about the event I am running to tease your interest: Read more ›

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About Time Brixton

I am thrilled to be able to share my favourite vegan hot spots in Brixton.

The online magazine About Time asked me to compile a top 5 list for vegan visitors to the South London neighbourhood.

You can read the article by clicking here.


portobello bottom ad

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