Tofurky is here

I am super happy to have Tofurky roasts in the UK.

Yes, we have had a few stores carrying the Tofurky feast for years but you would have to pay over £30 for the pleasure of that product.

This new version features the roast with herb gravy and retails in the UK for just £9.99 (recommended).

Check out the photos below and click here to view an article about the roast featured on the Metro website. (It would be fantastic if you could also use the sharing tools on that site to spread news of the story. My friend Deni wrote the article and I cooked the roast that is pictured – we would love for it to be seen by lots of people.)

Tofurky Roast with Herb Gravy Tofurky cutaway Deni eating Tofurky On WFM shelf

The new Tofurky roast with herb gravy is available in Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, Holland & Barrett and many independent health food stores. Just ask the person in the shop to get it in for you! I also picked one up in Vx in King’s Cross.

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Massive vegan menu

I have never been to a non-vegan restaurant that caters for vegans quite like FED by water in London.

Their separate vegan menu is huge. Check out the video below showing one page of starters, two pages of pizza and calzone, one page of pasta dishes and one page of salads. All vegan! Read more ›

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Vegan Xmas news

Not only am I excited to be presenting my 3rd annual Vegan Xmas Dinner on December 17th, but I am also thrilled to announce a very special guest sponsor for the event. Read more ›

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Wot no egg?

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josh panel

I’ve blogged before about the Fleet River Bakery just behind Holborn station, so was delighted when a recent leaving do for a work colleague took the form of an afternoon tea in the space.

Among the omni offerings on the table, the bakery had made vegan mini-sandwiches and wraps but the pride of place went to the delicious looking vegan chocolate cake in the middle of the spread. Omni colleagues were shocked when they saw me tucking into a̶ slice two slices of the cake as they said they would not have guessed that it was vegan. Why do omni people think that all vegan cakes are some sort of sad, wholemeal affair with the consistency of a week-old granary loaf? The cake had the perfect combination of being both rich but not too heavy, and it was so nice to see a vegan cake taking centre-stage at a non-vegan event. Good vegan food changes minds and is a form of activism.

As you might have guessed, I subsequently had several conversations with colleagues about how to make a vegan cake and what was wrong with eggs!

Get to the Fleet River Bakery soon and try and get your laughing gear around that delicious chocolate cake they have there!

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Food for displaced people

It often feels like we are being asked for money and donations continually via the Internet. There are so many people and animals in need of assistance, it is little wonder that we find ourselves feeling bombarded by requests.

The important thing to remember when we see another campaign imploring us to donate is that we are being asked to help because the majority of us are in the position to help.

Even if it is a few pounds, most of us can spare something at the end of the month.

You know where this is going, right? You are about to get hit up for money.

I am asking you to join me in supporting this crucial campaign to get hot vegan meals to the displaced people currently living in camps in and around Calais, France.

My friend Emily Runc of Rupert’s Street has joined forces with a small team of street food traders to cook and deliver hot vegan food to refugees. Read what she has to say below:

In September, a group of us headed out to Calais to serve hot food to the refugees in the camps. Following on from the success of this first visit, a group of street food traders known as Street Aid UK is planning a return trip in January and we are desperately trying to raise funds to make this happen. We are going to provide hot food and also supplies to help the displaced population cope with the unimaginable circumstances they find themselves in.

Through the pain and suffering they have endured, to be forced from their own countries, the struggle and hundreds of miles traveling to bring themselves to safety, and the living conditions they are still forced to endure, these people still managed the strength to show us kindness during our visit. We must do what we can to give them a little comfort during the harsh winter.

Our group of street food traders needs to raise £10,000 in order to return to Calais for 4 days in January from the 14th – 18th, where we will be supplying hot meals and taking much needed supplies such as sleeping bags, tents, coats, building supplies and basic cooking equipment to displaced people in the camp.

OK. This is where we help.

I know we can get Street Aid UK to their goal is no time at all. If every person reading this gave £10, the target would be reached in a matter of hours.

I know we want to do the right thing, but we often need some encouragement so I’m going to set a challenge.

Fat Gay Vegan’s challenge for Calais

Put one item back from your shopping basket/trolley/cart this week and donate the money saved to the Street Aid UK Calais drive. So simple.


  • One Vego bar = £3.49
  • A tub of Booja Booja ice cream = £5.99
  • A glass of wine in tibits = £6.50

You can see how easily we could reach the target if we all sacrificed just one purchase this week.

To make it more interactive, I would love for you to post a comment below telling us what you have given up this week and how much money has been donated to the Street Aid UK fundraising drive.

Let’s do this. Let’s show compassion for people in dire circumstances by helping Emily and her group deliver hot vegan meals and crucial supplies.


Thank you.

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Vegan schools

Check it out!

I was asked by the Metro online to give my opinion on a school in the USA transitioning to only vegan food being served by its canteen.


As you can see from the screen shot above, the story was featured prominently on the front page of the website. It has to date been shared more than 8,000 times and is still listed on their trending story list.

You can see the story by clicking here.

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Money raised


I know I put on some rollicking events, but even by my standards this week’s comedy fundraiser in the south London neighbourhood of Balham was a real good time.

Thanks to the generosity of the performers and food sponsors Fry’s Family Foods, my event raised just over £1000 for Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary. Yes, £1000! (£1005.45 to be exact)

Guests laughed heartily at the joke telling of our host Carl Donnelly and the impressive line up of talent he assembled for the night. Eddy Brimson was a real crowd favourite, as was Jake Yapp with his explanation of the stages of being vegan. Lou Sanders was outrageous in the best possible way, while I can’t thank Wendy Wason and Chris Martin enough for stepping in at the last minute when two of our original line up dropped out.

These comedians donated their time and talent to ensure this night was a massive fundraising success, so please take a moment to click on each of their names and thank them for supporting animals.

Can we talk about the food for a second?

Fry’s really made things special by serving hundreds of their brand new Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets, as well as trays and trays overflowing with their famous Sausage Rolls. Every single guest was also offered one of the new Falafel Burgers, served in a soft bun with aioli and fresh rocket.

Check out my superstar sister-in-law Sophia dealing with food hosting duties on the night.

Those burgers were delicious!

Tammy Fry Kelly of Fry’s Family Foods was on hand to welcome guests and let them know a little more about the company and the new range. You can click here to see some of the products we served on the night.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this night a huge success.

If you would like to help the rescued animals of Hugletts, please visit this fundraising page and give what you can.

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How much is too much?

I like to buy vegan food and I have the perfect excuse. This blog.

When I see something new in the supermarket, I usually justify the expense by telling myself I have a duty to my readers to share the information.

It is rare for something I want to not end up in my shopping basket and you are all to blame!

But yesterday I hit a wall. Would you pay the asking price for these seasonal chocolates? I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Read more ›

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Groundbreaking news

UK vegans, are you ready for this exclusive news?

No, you’re not ready. This is BIG news.

OK, go. Read more ›

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Worst photos ever

This isn’t going to be visually pleasing. I’m sorry in advance.

Do you love taking photos of your food during a night out? If so, how do you feel when those perfect snaps are ruined by fancy restaurant lighting? You know the sort. The kind of lighting that is meant to be atmospheric but in reality just stops you from seeing what is on your plate or who is across the table.

This was exactly the scenario during my visit to a vegan-friendly (but dimly lit) 100% gluten free restaurant in the northern UK city of Leeds. Read more ›

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