Get stuffed

Apparently it is the season for stuffing, so why not make your choice for stuffing a compassionate one.

I was in Sainsbury’s earlier tonight and their Taste the Difference stuffing range caught my eye, especially as each flavour is priced at just £1 for a limited time.

Out of the five varieties on offer, four are labelled as suitable for vegans. Check the range out below.

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Do you know someone who you suspect is sympathetic to the idea of going vegan? You really should introduce them to the idea of Veganuary.

What is Veganuary?

This month long campaign is designed “to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”. Not a outcome to be taken lightly!


The idea is simple.

People pledge to only eat vegan food for the entire month of January. They register with the Veganuary website and receive support in the form of recipes, inspiring stories, an eating out guide and even a vegan product directory.

Of course it would be brilliant if every person participating in Veganuary stayed vegan forever, but I think this month-long trial gives people a less threatening opportunity to explore compassionate eating. Maybe some of the people participating in Veganuary wouldn’t try an animal-free diet if they were asked to go vegan instantly and forever. The commitment of just one calendar month could work as the key to getting people to see veganism as a viable option. They come for the month, but a lot of them stay forever.

If you are not vegan, please consider taking part in Veganuary in 2015. Click here to visit the website. You can also like the campaign on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

If you are vegan, work hard over the coming days to see if you can get friends and family to pledge to take part in Veganuary.

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Eat Xmas

You think you’ve seen decadent Christmas cakes and treats?

Think again.

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Strap it on

This is your warning.

Do not read any further unless you want to be exposed to content of an adult/sexual nature.

The photos included below may be considered by some people to be not safe for work environments.

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This is the world’s fastest blog post.

I am having dinner with Laura and Kylie of TeenVGN at Cafe Kino in Bristol.

Do you know about TeenVGN?

I’m going to ask them to dictate to me right now, telling me about their group. I’m going to type as they speak. Live blogging!

Laura is talking now:

TeenVGN is the social network for young vegetarians and vegans, supporting them as they generate creative ideas for a compassionate future.

You can follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and visit their website.

TeenVGN not only beat me to the best blog award at the VegfestUK awards this year, they are also hosting an incredible summer camp and you can register your interest here.


Laura & Kylie of TeenVGN


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FGV is judgemental

I know I’m not a celebrity, but it is still fun to be called one as part of this event taking place at VegfestUK Brighton on March 28th & 29th, 2015.

One component of the jumbo two-day long event is the New Product Showcase, where suppliers can enter their products into the competition.

Here is the lowdown from VegfestUK organisers: Read more ›

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I do not make a habit of reading (meaning I never read) mainstream newspapers, but I was very excited to get this photo via email this morning.

The Daily Mirror featured a double-page spread exposing the horrific torture of ducks on a foie gras ‘farm’ that was supplying the restaurant of a celebrity chef.

I am thankful to the hardworking people responsible for the undercover work leading to exposés such as this one. Animals all over the world are being routinely degraded, force fed, tortured, abused and killed for ridiculous food products. Stories such as this in the mainstream press are crucial in changing public opinion on animal welfare.

Thank you to the individuals and organisation behind this story. Here is the online version if you feel compelled to share.

Please support activist and education groups working to improve outcomes for non-human animals.


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New vegan truffle shop

I suppose weirder things have happened, but this is up there!

A brand new shop selling handmade vegan chocolates and truffles has opened in the unlikely location of Brentford in West London. Brentford is not exactly known as an epicentre of vegan specialty chocolate. Well, until now.

Bianca Márton is the luxury dairy free shop front for a business that started out selling at farmers markets in the local area and Richmond. A handful of the creations contain honey but the huge majority of what is on offer is suitable for vegans.

I am yet to get along to taste for myself but I have heard rave reviews from three separate people and all the flavours listed on the website sound exquisite.

Click here to visit the store online for info on opening times and location.


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Goodie bag of glory

My first ever Vegan Coach Trip is this weekend (Sunday December 21, 2014) and I couldn’t be more excited.

We are going to have a blast on our day trip, eating delicious vegan food and supporting independent vegan businesses. This is a rare opportunity for London-based vegans to get out of the capital and see what plant-eaters are doing in other parts of the country. Read all about the trip here.

One of the coolest things about Vegan Coach Trip is the wonderful vegan goodie bag I have assembled for passengers taking part. Every single attendee will be given a bag featuring contents worth more than the actual price of the coach ticket.

goodie bagThat’s right!

By spending £13 (plus fee) on a Vegan Coach Trip ticket, not only do you get an amazing day out but you also get a goodie bag worth just over £30. This is better than good value. You are actually getting paid in vegan goodies to attend this wonderful day out in support of vegan businesses. The treats you get are worth more than the ticket price!

Wanna know what is in the bag?

  • One mini cheesecake by the wonderful Tickled Tastebud – get your hands and lips on your very own cruelty-free passionfruit cheesecake – follow Tickled Tastebud on Twitter
  • One sample of compassionate skincare products by glorious vegan business Premae Skincare – you can visit their new flagship store in the Whiteleys centre, follow on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Our friends at Moo Free Chocolates have donated one Mini Moo bar featuring vegan honeycomb for each bag – follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Pulsin’ are part of the goodie bags with inclusion of their Orange Choc Chip bars – a tasty inclusion – you can follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Each bag will receive two samples of Orzo Coffee – the caffeine free barley coffee – follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Brand new magazine Vegan Life is making sure each goodie bag will contain the latest issue of their compassionate publication – follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Vegan Tuck Box deliver boxes of vegan treats all over the country and they have kindly donated packs of Ten Acre crisps for our goodie bags – follow Vegan Tuck Box on Twitter and like them on Facebook
  • A goodie bag wouldn’t be complete with sweets from Goody Good Stuff – surely the most-loved vegan sweets in the UK – follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Veganuary are helping people go vegan for January and want our passengers to have one of their chunky charity bands to wear or share with a friend – follow them on Twitter or like on Facebook
  • Ombar is joining the Vegan Coach Trip party by supplying delicious chocolate for the goodie bags. You can follow them on Twitter and like on Facebook
  • Chai tea specialists Happy Happy Chai Tea are including mini bags of their secret chai mix so passengers can make their own delicious cup when they get home – check them out online
  • Rebel Kitchen are going to have delicious, irresistible samples of dairy-free mylks in the goodie bags – you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook
  • Each bag will contain a 10% discount voucher for London’s only vegan boutique and grocery store, Vx – you can follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook

Wow. What a list.

Please take a moment to tell these companies how much you appreciate them supporting this initiative to help independent vegan business.

Let’s recap:

  • For just £13 plus booking fee you get a seat on the coach that will visiting the Christmas market at Hatton in Warwickshire, departing from and arriving back to London in Holborn.
  • There will be an on board quiz with prizes.
  • The Vegan Grindhouse will be serving delicious vegan food at the market, including a special burger meal deal just for our tour group. Read about it here.
  • The Blue Lemon is a vegan soap and skincare shop located at the shopping village. They are offering our trip 20% off purchases over £20.
  • The shopping village has many opportunities for last minute Christmas present buying, including a clothing department store offering labels up to 70% off.
  • You can spend as much or as little time with the group as you like – we won’t make you hang out with us once at the shopping village if you are not keen. We also welcome people attending on their own – it is a great chance to meet people.

Get involved with this incredible day out. Support the vegan businesses of the West Midlands. Have fun. Go shopping. Eat food. Make friends.

Book your tickets now. Click here to book. Please share this blog post far and wide.

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Closing time

You have a few days to get your hands on some unique vegan pizza before this west London restaurant closes forever.

otto pizza

Otto of Notting Hill just posted: Read more ›

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