More Best Vegan Candy in the World

As if I wasn’t losing my mind enough over these things, I got word that more of the best vegan candy in the world is heading to the UK.

My mate Joe in Berlin sent the following photo and I am beside my chubby self with excitement.

You will notice these goodies are made by the producers of the aforementioned No No’s which you can buy currently via Vegan Tuck Box.

Rudy in Vx has let me know he will be stocking all three products very shortly, so keep pestering him on Twitter to find out when they land in London.

Anyone else as excited as me?

photo 2 (1)

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Junkyard Dogs

Big vegan food announcements don’t come along often enough for my liking and when they do, they rarely have anything to do with one of my events.

Here is some glorious news, London. I am giggling with excitement. Read more ›

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Best vegan candy in the world

Calm down with your Vego bars. I’ve got No No’s.

Time for one of my bolder-than-fudge proclamations. Are you ready? No No’s are the best vegan candy product in the world.

But what are they? Read more ›

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Vote for vegans

Here is your chance to make a difference for a vegan or vegan-friendly company.

There is this thing going on at the moment called the Urban Food Awards. It is an initiative to bring attention and recognition to small business traders making a go of a food business in London.

What is interesting for all of us reading this is the inclusion of some wonderful vegan and vegan-friendly enterprises in this year’s nominations. Check them out. Read more ›

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Think back to the glory that was London Vegan Beer Fest and you will recall I invited a fabulous band from my home town of Brisbane, Australia to play a gig for the drunken masses.

Love Like Hate played a killer set and made more than a few new fans on the day.

Fast forward to now and I am helping the band with promotion of their brand new EP, Unnoticed.

You can click here to access the world premiere of the music video for the title track.

Watch it, enjoy it, share it and help vegan musicians.

Cool stuff!

BSP_MG_1098 B&W

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Vegan jam jar

This is a super quick post to ask a question.

Has Hartley’s always labelled their jam jars as suitable for vegans? I only noticed last week and was pleasantly surprised. Have they been doing this for a while? Have you noticed any other mainstream products being labeled recently?

back label front label

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Eating raw in West London

Somebody call my therapist. This was my second raw meal in a month and I’m a bit frightened by how much I enjoyed the experience.

Have you been to Nama in Notting Hill?

Read more ›

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Vegan peppermint slice

Get to your nearest Waitrose store, buy a box of these vegan delights and start eating.

I was waddling through Waitrose in Westfield White City a few days back when my chubby eyes spied an intriguing box of biscuit treats. Of course having the word ‘vegan’ printed on the package meant I hastily tossed them into my basket and trotted happily to the checkout line.

For a gluten free product, the Lazy Day peppermint slice is an outstanding item. Heck, it is a super high standard regardless of the freefrom credentials.

Tasty, crunchy and incredibly difficult to stop eating.

You can like Lazy Day Foods on Facebook.

slice box

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Win Naturally

I stumbled into a vegan-friendly grocery store in Manchester a few weeks ago and it was all so surreal and unexpected. I’m a bit lost for words.

I’ll try my best. Read more ›

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Get informed in Manchester

Check out this interesting event taking place at Manchester Metropolitan University next month.

I love when veganism gets taken into the academic sphere and this free day of activities is exactly what is needed urgently on campuses all over the planet (although I hope someone on the day will point out to The Vegetarian Society that compassion doesn’t end with meat).

Are you going to head along? Does this inspire you to take action and spread information at your school, college or university?

10698659_10152753431074859_7538522338656071123_nYou can read more about the Humanities in Public group run by staff of MMU’s Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science by clicking here.

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