Not just falafel

I’m not going to pretend the food in Just Falafel even comes close to my favourite eating place in London, Mr Falafel, but I will say they do a fabulous job of making vegans feel like they have another friend out in the wilds of the big city.

Just Falafel is relatively new to London, with a handful of franchise locations popping up recently as well as the corporately-owned outlet on Fulham Broadway. It was the Fulham branch that I first stumbled into and I was pleased I did.

The menu clearly states what is suitable for vegans and the manager of the store was more than happy to talk me through how they could veganise other items. I was attracted to an Egyptian falafel wrap with a side order of fries.

The fries were delicious and delivered in a super cute mini deep fryer basket. I was grinning from ear to ear. Potato is my life and Just Falafel on Fulham Broadway knew what they were doing with the good stuff.

The wrap was good, but certainly not overwhelming. I would rate it 7 out of 10. If I was in the area and hungry, I would definitely buy it again. I wouldn’t travel for it. I would travel for the fries, however.

Curiously, Josh and I visited the Just Falafel outlet in Covent Garden and were slightly less impressed. Josh actually said he would not go back and he works just a few minutes away. I was surprised by how different the experience was compared to the Fulham location. The Covent Garden fries were left unfinished by the two of us. That speaks volumes.

Now, back to the good stuff.

Check out my photos from the Fulham Broadway Just Falafel. I recommend eating there if you are in the area.

meal store

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Tempeh on Leather

There must be something about Leather Lane that attracts the veggie food crowd. This curiously-named London street is now home to not one but two vegetarian sandwich stalls. Get eating down Leather Lane!

A short while ago I wrote about the glorious sandwich I enjoyed from Killer Tomato and now the Mexican sandwich stall has company in the form of a vegetarian Indonesian-style tempeh vendor, located on the opposite side of the lane.

This is a brand new business with a few kinks to iron out, but you can’t fault their enthusiasm. The owner makes his own fresh tempeh (a rarity in the UK) and it is fried and seasoned right in front of you on the stall.

All you have to do is pick your fillings, pay your money and eat a delicious tempeh wrap.

Word of warning: even though the stall is emblazoned with the words ’100% vegetarian’, they bizarrely have a sauce that contains real fish. The owner told me he cannot find a replacement for this ingredient, which doesn’t sound completely believable to me. My pal Messy Vegetarian Cook conjures up all sorts of southeast Asian cuisine requiring fish sauce and her stuff is delicious. She has even shown me a bottle of vegan fish sauce she bought in London.

Get along for a tasty treat, but remember to voice your rejection of the fish sauce.

menu stall tempeh wrap

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Vegan art competition

You London vegans are so greedy.

You are not satisfied with being able to eat vegan fish and chips in multiple locations. Having a vegan beer festival doesn’t seem to quieten you. Two huge monthly parties in the shape of London Vegan Drinks and London Vegan Potluck leave you wanting more events. More vegan cake companies than you can keep track of isn’t enough.

OK. Let’s see if this scratches that vegan itch.

Announcing a vegan art competition! Continue reading

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Come see

Here is a treat for you that requires very little reading. This post is super heavy with photos from my visit to the Natural and Organic Products Europe show that took place over the weekend at London Olympia.

It took me almost five hours to see everything and I was overwhelmed by the huge number of vegan companies and products on display.

The photos below don’t even come close to detailing the full range of cruelty-free goods at the event. I decided to include some of my favourites as well as brand new products showcased.

Is there anything that catches your attention? Continue reading

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Sneak preview: UNA CITA

My giant Mexican dinner party taking place in east London is just a few weeks away. UNA CITA is a 50 person, 3 course party featuring Mexican pop music, visuals on a big screen and a welcome cocktail that will impress.

May 9, 2014 is going to be a day for the vegan eating history books.

I popped over to the venue tonight (The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green) for a test run of the main dish and is was nothing short of spectacular. Check it out below.

Three taco plate

The plate features three corn tortillas filled with mouthwatering ingredients and a mound of chipotle rice in the centre. I literally pounced on my plate.

The three vegan tacos feature:

  • Pan seared garlic mushrooms, red salsa and diced peppers
  • Shredded cabbage, frijoles negros (black beans) and avocado
  • Chorizo, sour cream and tomatillo salsa

Everyone on the testing team tonight was blown away by the combination of flavours. This plate will be served after a starter of esquites and before a serving of hot, sweet churros with dipping chocolate. I will post photos of the other dishes as we workshop them over the next fortnight.

Buy your tickets for this special event NOW.

Follow The Gallery Cafe on Twitter.

una cita copy

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Win tickets for VegFest

I love a good giveaway. Don’t you? Of course, some giveaways are superior to others and the prize up for grabs in this competition is definitely at the higher end of the scale.


You know all about VegFestUK. You are aware the Bristol chapter of this vegan lifestyle, food, education and music extravaganza has been a much loved event for over a decade. You know it is the biggest vegan show of its kind in Europe. Of course you are aware that people travel from all over the UK, Europe and the planet to attend. There isn’t a person reading this who isn’t already aware they can visit the official VegFestUK website here for all show information. I probably don’t need to tell you the event this year is spread across May 23, 24 and 25, 2014.

I won’t bore you with what you already know. Instead, here is some new information to arouse your interest.


VegFestUK Bristol organisers are generously giving me the opportunity to gift two pairs of tickets to the Friday and Saturday night concerts taking place as part of this year’s event. That’s right. One lucky winner will score two tickets to the Friday night gig and two tickets to the Saturday night gig.

That’s a fab prize. Check out the talent the winner will be experiencing.

Friday May 23, 2014

VegFest UK is throwing a huge disco party featuring the Bristol Samba Band, ABBA Gold tribute band, the legendary Boney M feat. Maizie Williams and Gwen Dickey’s Rose Royce. There will also be musical action from DJ act Just a Couple of Mums.

Saturday May 24, 2014

VegFestUK goes punk on the Saturday night with live sets from Goldblade fronted by the awesome John Robb, Ruts DC and Peter Hook and the Light.

Here is how you can enter to win a pair of tickets for both nights.

Comment below telling me about your favourite musical act. Make it funny and interesting. Share tales of concert experiences, first records, obsessions gone wrong or anything related to your musical pick. Your favourite band, singer or performer does not have to be appearing at VegFestUK in order to mention them.

It is that simple. The competition will close midnight April 30, 2014. I will pick a winner based on how amusing/engaging the entry is but I’m sorry to say I can’t choose someone I work with or am friendly with already. The tickets will be sent to the winner via post from VegFestUK organisers. You will need to leave a way for me to contact you in the instance you are the winner. A link to your Twitter account would be fine.

Get entering!

Follow VegFestUK on Twitter

Like VegFestUK on Facebook


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FGV meets FVC

I met my cat equal last night and it was instant love.

I dropped by the house of my pal Pink Primate last night for food at a local restaurant, catching up with gossip and perusing the local stores of her neighbourhood. It was a lovely evening with friendly people, but the true highlight for me was meeting Sweeney the fat vegan cat.

We were instant best friends.

I’m hoping Pink Primate can jump into the comments below and let us know about the vegan cat food she buys. I would also love to hear from other cat-friendly people regarding their views on cats and vegan eating.

Can all cats be vegan? Is it expensive? Are there any vets that support vegan diets for domesticated cats?

Fat Gay Vegan and Sweeney the fat vegan cat

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