You think you’re a man

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog post challenging the trend of showcasing vegan men as tough, virile and strong but then the fabulous Jamie J. Hagen wrote this and used words to teach everyone a lesson with much more effect than I ever could.

But I would still like to give some personal insight. Continue reading

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Summertime gladness

Hot weather means cool treats and they don’t often come cooler than these fabulous push up pops by Oko Bay. Continue reading

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Trouble in Paradise

I don’t just eat.

I was recently welcomed onto the team of reviewers over at super cool pop culture website, Louder Than War. My first task was to give my opinion on the brand new album by La Roux, Trouble in Paradise.

Check it out by clicking here.

2493272_1_20140521070530_421497781Now that I have that out of the way, let me get back to overeating and trying to be funny about it.


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I don’t speak German

My mate Joe recently moved to Berlin and it sounds like he is having a grand time. According to his reports to me via email, vegan food is everywhere.

One store in particular impressed him. Have you all heard of the chain of stores called Vitalia ReformhausContinue reading

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Cheap London

How cool is this?

I just had an article posted on the VegNews website!

fgv vegnews

The US magazine asked me to write about budget vegan eating in London. Click here to check it out and make sure to comment on their website with any places you would have included.


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Tesco frenzy

I have seen a few mentions online of hard-to-find vegan products making their way into Tesco stores, so of course my priority was to get into a participating store and eat everything.

I succeeded.

website banner

From the Tesco website

Select Tesco stores around the country are taking part in a promotion billed as the Lifestyle Food Fair. I have to admit it is quite a slick gimmick capitalising on the huge surge in popularity of specialty food expos sweeping the UK. The promotion features attention-grabbing banners in store with colour coded shelving to help you locate what you after. (Hint: anything on a blue shelf in the Lifestyle Food Fair aisle is vegan-friendly)

Wanna see the haul I came away with from the Slough branch? Don’t freak out. Continue reading

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Have a go

I know I play the jolly food fool on this blog, but I do admit at times being upset by interactions I have with strangers online and in real life. Being a fat, gay vegan isn’t all crispy fake chicken and belly laughs.

Today I received a string a Tweets from a person asking why I don’t post photos of ‘real’ food and why everything I eat is processed.

I responded to these requests with a simple question of my own: Why do you want to know?

Typical of these sorts of interactions, my question was met with a nasty retort. I was told that I am not the sort of vegan this person wanted to follow. The gay part of FGV had interested them but the processed nature of my diet was a real turn off for them.

I thanked them for taking the time to judge me.

I’m sure it is as clear to you as it was to me. This person was not actually interested in finding out why I eat the way I do, they wanted to try and make me feel bad and ashamed for it.

Well, if they are reading:

The reasons for the way I eat are complex. My eating is the sum of decades of socialisation, emotional upheaval, happiness, media manipulation, body shaming, guilt, cultural experiences, joy, sorrow, privilege, discrimination, economic factors, family input, ethical concerns, poverty, personal preference and strangers projecting negativity in real life or via social media.

Now that is out of the way, here’s a little something else I want to get off my chest.

I do not welcome or seek input, advice or comment from strangers regarding what I eat or my body size, just as I would never write to a person I don’t know with similar advice.

My body and my food choices are for me to judge and manage. My platform as Fat Gay Vegan is not an invitation for you to personally critique me. If you don’t know me on an intimate level, don’t presume I want to hear your opinion on what I put in my body. I really don’t and I find your intrusions upsetting and at times very fucking distressing.

If your intent is to knowingly try and shame me for who and what I currently am, or how I identify, kindly fuck off.

Even from a young age, all I thought about was cake

Even from a young age, all I thought about was cake

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