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I adore Chloe Coscarelli.

Chloe brings an irresistible and infectious love for tasty vegan food to the world. She appears so profoundly happy to be cooking and eating vegan food, I’m sure it makes non-vegans more than a little willing to see what all the fuss is about.

Chloe is an example of that rare vegan who can effortlessly cross over to the mainstream with her nutritious and delicious food ideas and then return to the land of plant eaters with a huge group of newly-converted compassionate friends happily following along. She is like the Pied Piper of cruelty-free cuisine.

The recently released Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen follows this stylish, accessible and convincing approach to spreading vegan food joy.

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My 3rd annual vegan Day of the Dead party was already set to be a mammoth and memorable affair, but add KANKUN to the mix and it has just reached another level entirely.

KANKUN make a range of delicious sauces so you can recreate your favourite Mexican dishes in your own home without the hassle of learning how to create them from scratch. The range includes Chipotle Hot, Chipotle Mild, Marinade, Habanero and Jalapeño meaning there is a heat level for every taste. The brand was recently recognised with a Great Taste award, so you don’t have to rely on my opinion that they are top notch sauces.

I am thrilled to announce the KANKUN luchador (Mexican wrestler) will be at my Day of the Dead party to hand out samples of their Mexican hot sauces, talk to guests about Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico and pose for photos.

As you probably know, I am completely infatuated with lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) so you can imagine my delight to have secured this very special guest for the party.

kankunThis is set to be an afternoon and evening to remember.

Don’t miss it this November 2nd. Book your tickets now!

Visit KANKUN online

Follow KANKUN on Twitter

Like KANKUN on Facebook


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Vote for vegan friendly

I know many of my readers enjoy the food and surrounds of The Gallery Café in Bethnal Green, so I thought it would be worthwhile letting you know the vegan-friendly food outlet has been nominated for an award by listings gurus Time Out.

The Time Out Love London awards give supporters of London businesses an opportunity to vote for their favourite places in the capital, hopefully giving them an extra bit of exposure in the process.

The east London version of these awards has only a few days remaining for accepting votes, so do click here in a hurry if you want to vote for The Gallery Café. This is the place that allowed me to take it over completely two years running for London Vegan Beer Fest.

You will need to select the Bethnal Green section of the voting page to make sure you get to choose this vegetarian and vegan-friendly foodery.

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Vegan camp

Do you like the idea of camping in an exclusively vegan environment? If you answered yes, you are in for one heck of a treat. Read more ›

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Vegan Japanese cuisine

I received an interesting email today, asking me to share some information with you all.

The information is about delicious-sounding Japanese cuisine, so I figured it would be rude not to let you know.

Check this out. Read more ›

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Help animals

We all have a friendship in life that is unaffected by distance and time. A person you have known for decades and another decade can pass without your relationship spark flickering in the slightest even though you don’t see each other as much as you would like.

Let me introduce you to Steven.

Steven has been an integral part of my life since my teenage years. To say our friendship has seen some outrageous moments would be selling it to you softly.

FGV & Steven many years ago

FGV & Steven many years ago

We have danced until daylight in tacky gay bars in Brisbane. We have supported each other through emotional turmoil and romantic drama. Steven has given me a place to live when I had nowhere else to go. We have laughed at and with each other. We have fought with each other. We have splashed through the surf under the blazing Australian sun. We have propped each other up and dragged each other down.

My life wouldn’t be what it is without this friendship.

Where am I going with this blog post? I am asking you to support Steven in his campaign to raise funds for Farm Sanctuary, the legendary rescue home for farm animals. This group has been advocating and educating for decades, giving comfort to countless creatures.

Steven and his husband Nate are taking part in the Walk for Farm Animals fundraiser in San Diego and I would be so deeply moved if readers of my blog could help them reach their fundraising target of $1000. I am incredibly grateful and appreciative that one of my dearest friends is taking action for animals. It would make me proud to know we helped Steven and Nate help animals.

Please click here to donate to their fundraising effort. Your money will directly help improve outcomes for rescued farm animals. Make sure you leave a comment on their team page saying hello from FGV!

Donate now!

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Spandau Ballet

Hey music lovers.

Just letting you know my other writing outlet related to music has me reviewing the greatest hits of Spandau Ballet. Yes, that’s correct. Spandau Ballet. Totally awesome radness, right?

You can read my take on the new release of these old songs over on the Louder Than War website.


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No longer vegan

A word of warning to food companies. Do not piss off vegans by changing your range from plant-based to non-vegan, cheese utilising products.

We will be angry, vocal and will never buy anything you make ever again even if some of it is vegan. Read more ›

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Day of the Dead menu

My annual Day of the Dead party is coming up close (Sunday November 2nd, 2014) and I am frantic with preparations for the super-sized event.

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This year marks the 3rd outing for the event and I’m pulling out all the stops. Click here if you want to read about all the fun activities I have planned, but read the rest of this post to fall in love with the incredible menu. Read more ›

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Birds and bees

I am sitting on a cosy train, being whisked past mist covered rolling hills as I leave Scotland behind me and return to London.

I have many happy Glasgow memories in my head jostling for blog space, but I have decided to let a delicious Scottish beer take the limelight today. Read more ›

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