Chutneys on Drummond

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A review of Chutneys Indian Restaurant

Chutneys on Drummond Street NW1

Chutneys on Drummond Street NW1 –  photo by Kake Pugh on Flickr

Earlier this week, I headed up to Drummond Street near Euston Station in London for an Indian meal with friends. This street has multiple Indian restaurants including three vegetarian; Chutneys, Diwana Bhel Puri House and Ravi Shankar. We opted for Chutneys, so read on to find out whether we made the right choice.

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Food at drinks

For some people, the best part of London Vegan Drinks is the food.

Check out the simple yet delicious-sounding menu for this Saturday night: Read more ›

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Gorgeous pop up

Are you busy Friday and Saturday evenings? (July 3 and 4, 2015)

Well, scrap your plans because you are now heading to Fortify Cafe in Maidstone for this gorgeous vegan pop up dinner.

Check out the menu. Read more ›

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Eat before drinking

As you know due to my relentless excitement, London Vegan Beer Fest is less than three weeks away.

This year, the massive vegan beer, cider, wine, food and music event has moved to King’s Cross and I am thrilled to have some very special partners helping me make this possible.

Vegan store Vx will be running a merchandise stall inside the venue where you will be able to purchase LVBF t-shirts and posters, as well as a whole range of items from their own Secret Society of Vegans collection.

Fry’s Family Foods have teamed up with Sara Mittersteiner of Pomodoro E Basilico for a gourmet food stand like no other.


Check the menu out below: Read more ›

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New Vegan Drinks

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You know, Berlin really is the city that keeps on giving, if you’re vegan. Hardly a week goes by without some new addition to the city’s vegan menu.

But one thing that Berlin has lacked is an equivalent to the London Vegan Drinks event… until now! (Well, until Friday 17th of July, anyway.)  Read more ›

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New vegan grocery store

Here is some excellent news.

Birmingham (in the UK, not Alabama USA) is about to get a brand new vegan retail outlet.  This will be the second 100% vegan shop in the city. Geez, Birmingham. Don’t be so greedy!

Get a sneaky look inside the still-being-built shop below and read what the owner has to say about the new outlet which just happens to be named Vegan Store. Catchy, right? Read more ›

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Tortilla chips from Sainsbury’s

I found a new food love today.

Sainsbury’s has launched a new range of tortilla chips and two of the flavours are marked as being vegan. You can see the two packs in the photo below. Read more ›

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Glorious food experience

It has taken me a while to get around to posting these photos, partly because I didn’t want to be reminded of the fact that this stunning food is served daily on the opposite side of the world.

If you have room for a new goal on your bucket list, scribble ‘Gracias Madre Los Angeles’ on a scrap of paper and throw it onto the pile of things you must experience before you kick it.

Gracias Madre is a 99.9% vegan restaurant (honey in some cocktails… don’t get me started!) located in West Hollywood with an original location still operating in the San Francisco area. We visited the WeHo outlet during a recent trip to Southern California so we could satisfy our cravings for vegan Mexican food.

Let me give the page over to the photos as I believe they don’t need much help in conveying the glory of the food crafted and served by Gracias MadreRead more ›

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I adore the name of this raw cake business. Paradise Unbakery. Unbakery! Get it?!

The gorgeous creations of this independent business first caught my eye a few weeks back and I meant to let you all know about it sooner, but it slipped my mind until I was browsing my photos today.

Check out these gorgeous raw vegan chocolate and cherry cakes. Read more ›

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Cupcake pride

Do you want to eat one of these fabulous vegan cupcakes made to celebrate London Pride AND raise money for a charity helping LGBT homeless youth at the same time?

IMG_1168 IMG_1169Yes?

Read on! Read more ›

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