I spoke these words

I was invited to talk (by Kim Stallwood) as part of a panel at VegfestUK London this weekend just passed.

The topic I was invited to talk about? What’s the most effective way to campaign for living as a vegan and make vegan values mainstream?


This is a rough version of what I said. It has been transcribed from the notes I took into the talk, meaning it doesn’t include all of the ad-libbing I did such as saying hello every time I saw one of my friends in the audience or any of my hilarious (!) of-the-moment wisecracks. Read more ›

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Halloween delight

I was at a recent Morrissey concert in London when the legendary singer asked a peculiar (and awesome) question from the stage.

He wanted to know where he could buy ‘a vegan wagon wheel’ and of course he was talking about the fabulous Round Up bars made by Ananda Foods.

These gorgeous treats are available in many stores around the UK, including Ms Cupcake and Vx here in London.

I visited the Ananda stand at VegfestUK London yesterday and was delighted to see (and buy and eat) a special limited edition version of the Round Up for Halloween. It was an explosion of biscuit, chocolate, marshmallow and jam.

Look at this fabulous thing!


Get on over to the Ananda Foods stand today on the second day of VegfestUK London to pick one up, or reach out to them via their online shop to see where you can find your very own Halloween Round Up.

You can also like Ananda Foods on Facebook and like them on Twitter.

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Special guest

Here is some news that has me grinning from ear to ear.

Some people are effective activists. Some people are powerful public speakers. Occasionally, you will find people who possess both of these attributes. Even rarer? Someone with these skills who is also an absolute dream to be around due to the fact they are incredibly friendly, personable and charming.

Yes, I’m talking about Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.


To say I am often blown away by Colleen’s capacity for compassion and her ability to powerfully disseminate information is an understatement. I could listen to her talk for hours.

And this news I speak of?

Imagine my absolute joy to be able to announce Colleen Patrick-Goudreau as a very special guest on the 100% vegan cruise I am a part of this Winter on the Danube.

This 6-night cruise between Germany and Austria was already a fabulous situation. All inclusive with only vegan food and drink served on board. Shore stops in some of the most gorgeous and scenic cities in Europe. My annual New Year’s Eve party hosted on the ship as it is docked in Vienna.

And now Colleen!

nye boat passau vegan

More than half the cabins have already been booked for this historic cruise and with Colleen on board, I would imagine the remaining suites will move quickly.

You can go here to read more about the cruise.

Visit Colleen Patrick-Goudreau online, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. You will fall in love with her insightful, engaging videos and informative podcasts. Guaranteed!

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Dear FGV

Exciting news!

I am thrilled to announce I have been signed on as a regular contributor to Vegan Life Magazine. 

My monthly column is called Dear FGV. It is a space for me to dish out advice to readers relating to ethical dilemmas and the struggles associated with living vegan in a non-vegan world.

Expect a bit of sass mixed with lots of goodwill and heart!

dear fgv

I’m hoping to help readers solve problems such as how to date a non-vegan, dining out with meat eaters and how to covertly promote compassion through gift giving. Perhaps you want advice on vegan-friendly holiday destinations or the inside scoop on the best place to shop for cruelty free groceries in your town.

I do not expect to be answering questions about diet and nutrition. If you think writing to someone called Fat Gay Vegan about nutrition is a clever idea, you are beyond any help I can offer!

This column is going to be genuine advice for real world problems mixed with FGV-branded humour.

If you have a plant-based problem and are looking for advice, send your question to maria@veganlifemag.com and it will find its way to my desk.

Look for the debut column from Dear FGV in the December issue of Vegan Life Magazine.

Visit Vegan Life Magazine online, like the mag on Facebook and follow it on Twitter.

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New vegan restaurant

This is the sort of scene-changing news that I just adore sharing.

There is a brand new vegan restaurant now open in the picturesque town of Nailsworth in the Cotswolds (roughly 3 hours west of London). Huge news!

If the name of the restaurant looks familiar to you, you are not imagining things. Read more ›

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Vegan t-shirts at VegfestUK

Hey there.

Here is some fab news about VegfestUK London, taking place this Saturday and Sunday at Olympia.

I will also be speaking as part of a panel on Sunday at midday.

So much to see and do at VegfestUK! Are you going?

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FGV talking

You have your VegfestUK London tickets for this weekend. You’ve planned all your eating adventures. Meeting times/spots have been agreed with friends.

But have you pencilled in a trip to the Vegan Vision panel discussions taking place on the Sunday of the two day event?

Come along for three, one-hour long panel discussions exploring being a vegan campaigner in a non-vegan world.

I have been asked to contribute to one of the three panels and will be joined by Kabaret co-owner Louise Wallis and EVA co-founder Tobias Leenaert. Our panel discussion is titled:

What’s the most effective way to campaign for living as a vegan and make vegan values mainstream?

I hope to see a few of you at this talk, where I expect you to ask me hard hitting questions to leave me looking confused.

See you at midday on Sunday (October 11, 2015).

Check out all of the panel topics here.

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New sandwich on the block

Get ready to sink your teeth into this brand new vegan sandwich from one of the most widespread High Street chains in the UK.

Yes. Pret has unleashed another vegan sandwich, this time in the form of a baguette filled with grilled artichokes, red tapenade and spinach.

With almost 300 stores scattered across the UK, this tasty-looking sandwich shouldn’t be too far from you right now.

Have you tried? Did you like?

Extra note: this photo originally appeared on my Instagram feed.

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Be 1 of 2000

You know I work with Fry’s Family Foods, right? Working with such a loved, successful and respected vegan food company has quite a few positives and one such upside is getting the scoop on new products.

I am thrilled to announce this breaking news. Read more ›

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Sadness and happiness

Today was World Animal Day and I celebrated by teaming up with Fry’s Family Foods for a trip to Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary.

I will post in much more detail and with many more photos in the coming days, but for now I want to share this photo before I head to bed.

Josh Priya

This is Radhe Priya walking alongside my partner Josh.

Radhe Priya was born completely sightless into a dairy farm where she was struggling to stay alive. Terrified and unable to manoeuvre to the feed within her cramped living quarters, time was running out for this heartbreakingly-beautiful cow.

Thankfully the kind people of Hugletts sanctuary gave Radhe Priya a safe, secure, loving and forever home and she was liberated from the dairy farm.

Today at the farm she rubbed her body gently against Josh and even though she cannot see, Radhe Priya followed him closely all around the paddock by using her senses of hearing and smell. It seemed like she never wanted Josh to leave her side.

I am devastated to think the happy ending for Radhe Priya is an uncommon rarity, but also thrilled for her. It was such a bittersweet experience.

I implore you to donate whatever you can to the special campaign I am running in conjunction with Fry’s Family FoodsWe need to raise funds to build a new fence and purchase security cameras that will allow animals like Radhe Priya to live their lives in peace and security.

We have raised over £1,000 of the £13,000 target.

Please give now and share this post widely.

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