April 28 episode of FGV weekly roundup

Do you want to hear me speak?

In case you missed the announcement last week, I now have a weekly vegan news roundup that gets published as a podcast every Wednesday.

Fat Gay Vegan Weekly Roundup powered by Patreon: episode 2 is online now. Click here to discover all your listening and streaming options.

The episode this week features news of vegan trends, my product of the week, silly stories about celebrities I’ve seen in vegan restaurants, and a cool way for you to contribute to an LGBT charity.

Enjoy listening and get in touch with suggestions for what you would like to hear featured.

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Give me vegan chocolate truffles and I’ll be happy. Give me a vegan chocolate truffle advent calendar and I’ll be very happy for 25 days. FGV talks about vegan news, reviews, and product launches in his own DIY (read unprofessional) style. Supported by his Patreon donors.
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As always, I would like to send a massive thank you to my Patreon supporters who help me stay dedicated to vegan outreach.

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