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I can hardly believe this incredible list of beers that have been pulled together for the 5th annual London Vegan Beer Fest this Saturday (July 15, 2017), so I’ll forgive you if it makes you a bit overexcited.

Sink your teeth into this 60 beer strong list. It is simply incredible.

We have kegs. We have casks. We have cans. And we have a hell of a lot of beer.

With three exclusive areas for you to explore, including a sit down restaurant with wine bar and beer tap takeover, London Vegan Beer Fest is a party that cannot be missed.

Online tickets bought in advance are just £5 plus tiny booking fee. If we have any tickets remaining on the day, they are £9 at the gate. Book your cheap tickets online now.

Now, check out this mammoth list.

INDOOR BEER HALL (run by Brass Castle Brewery, Malton, Yorkshire)

ALPHABET BREWING – A to the K – Oatmeal Pale – 5.6% ABV (keg) – fresh hops and tropical fruit
BAD SEED – Hustler – Pale Ale – 4.4% ABV (cask) – massive citrus hit with grapefruit, mango & pine
BRASS CASTLE – Bad Kitty – Vanilla Porter – 5.5% ABV (keg) – a chewy chocolate-vanilla dream of a porter
BRASS CASTLE – Bad Kitty – Vanilla Porter – 5.5% ABV (can) – gluten free version of the above
BRASS CASTLE – Brass Lager – 5.3% ABV (keg) – malt-forward Vienna lager with a brass hue
BRASS CASTLE – Enzed Red – Amber Ale – 6.4% ABV (cask) – balanced red ale w/ NZ Rakau & Waimea hops
BRASS CASTLE – Frambunctious – Raspberry Ale – 4.0% ABV (cask) – classic flavour with a raspberry hit
BRASS CASTLE – Helles Lager – 4.4% ABV (cans) – gluten free Munich-style Helles lager
BRASS CASTLE – Helles Lager Orange Blossom edition – 4.4% ABV (keg) – new take on a classic
BRASS CASTLE – Hoptical Illusion – Pale Ale – 4.3% ABV (keg&can) – gluten free hop forward pale ale
BRASS CASTLE – Misfit – Pale Ale – 4.3% ABV (cask) – bursting with juicy citrus and ripe peach
BRASS CASTLE – Sunshine IPA – 5.7% ABV (cans) – SIBA 2013 ‘Champion Beer for the North East of England’
BRASS CASTLE/WILDE CHILD – Vociferous Agreement – Triple IPA – 10% ABV (keg) – a Leeds collaboration
BREW YORK – Maris the Otter – Bitter – 3.9% ABV (cask) – modern take on a classic British bitter
MAGIC ROCK – Inhaler – IPA – 4.5% ABV (keg) – pale ale with low bitterness and lots of juiciness
MAGIC ROCK – Common Grounds – Coffee Porter – 5.4% ABV (keg) – decadent coffee beer with toffee notes
MARBLE BREWERY – Brett the Hitman Tart – 5.0% ABV – 100% brett-fermented, lightly tart/dry finish
TINY REBEL – Clwb Tropicana – Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV (keg) – super juicy American hops amplified topical fruit flavours
WILD BEER CO – Fresh – Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV (keg) – a fragrant pale ale with hops from two hemispheres
WILD BEER CO – Bibble – Pale Ale – 4.2% ABV (cask) – moreish bitterness with tropical tastiness


BEERBLEFISH: all vegan craft brewery from Edmonton, North London exploring modern hops.

DELTAFISH – APA – 5.2% ABV (cask) – delicious delta hops with a hint of cascade
ESB – 4.8% ABV (keg) – A rich dark special ale, full of British hops and finished with NZ Dr. Rudi
Black Beerble – Stout – 5.0% ABV (keg) – chocolate & crystal, finished with a handful of Bramling Cross

BUMBLEBEE CIDER: made from British apples, paying homage to the bees doing all the hard work!

Hard Cider (original) – 4.5% ABV (500ml bottle) – medium-dry, lightly sparkling. Robust and complex tannic structure, rolling from sweet to dry with a sun-baked West Country aroma
Regatta Strawberry & Mint Cider – 4.0% ABV (500ml bottle) – medium Somerset cider twisted with strawberries and a hint of garden mint. Unmistakably cider – with a summer twist. Enjoy chilled and for a real treat, add some ice and chopped fruit (available)
BumbleBee Gribble – 1 pint/2 pint cartons – 4.8% ABV – Medium-dry easy drinking still hazy somerset cider. Inspired by long, hot lazy days in the Westcountry

CLARKSHAWS: microbrewery in Brixton, London doing modern takes on classic British beers.

New World American Pale Ale – 4.3% ABV (cask) – hoppy American pale ale, with tropical fruits and mango flavour
Cloudy Ginger Beer – 0% ABV (cask) – alcohol free, traditional, homemade & fiery ginger beer
Hellhound British IPA – 5.5% ABV (keg) – spicy with hints of citrus orange and caramel
Coldharbour Hell Yeah! Lager – 5.3% ABV (keg) – winner of the SIBA SE Region Premium Lager & Pilsner Bronze Medal 2016, this is a flavourful craft lager with a sweet honeysuckle and elderflower taste
A Darker Hell Dark Lager – 4.5% ABV (keg) – crisp but with hints of chocolate
Strange Brew Pale Ale – 4.0% ABV (bottle) – our award- winning pale ale with a hoppy floral flavour from UK cascade hop
Gorgons Alive – 4.0% ABV (bottle) – golden bitter, summery, spicy and refreshing

MONCADA: Ingredients are sourced within 100 miles from London for this Notting Hill brewery.

Notting Hill Blonde – 4.2% ABV (keg) – continental-style yellow beer with fruity hoppiness
Saison – 4.8% ABV (keg) – a mouthful of earthy, spicy and floral flavours
Notting Hill Ruby Rye – 5.2% ABV (keg) – robust ale with a fruity hop aroma
Imperial Custard Stout – 9.5% ABV (keg) – chocolate creaminess with decadent, velvety tones

MOOR BEER: Bristol-based brewery focussing on vegan modern real ales.

So’Hop – 4.1% ABV (keg) – pale ale brewed with Australian hops
Claudia – 4.5% ABV (keg) – hoppy wheat beer
Stout – 5% ABV (keg) – classic stout
Return of the Empire – 5.7% ABV (keg) – New World style hops with high levels of alpha acids
Guardian of Peace – 7% ABV (keg) – IPA celebrating the light side of the force
Agent of Evil – 7% ABV (keg) – black IPA celebrating the dark side of the force

THREE HILLS: Small batch nano brewery based in Northamptonshire.

Thai-PA – 5.4% ABV (keg) – a lemongrass, kaffir lime and ginger infused pale ale
New World IPA 3 – 6.7% ABV (keg) – a New England style IPA with Mosaic and Galaxy hops
South Pacific Hefeweizen – 5.2% ABV (keg) – wheat beer with hops from Australia & New Zealand
Raspberry Hefeweizen – 5.6% ABV (keg) – wheat beer infused with raspberries
Uisce Beatha – 7.7% ABV (keg) – Irish coffee for breakfast stout
Veda: Sorachi Ace – 6.2% ABV (keg) – single hop west coast IPA
Herb Ale: Celini’s Gold – 5.8% ABV (keg) – unhopped gruit w/ lemon balm, lemon thyme and lemon verbena
Herb Ale: Dark Destroyer – 6.2% ABV (keg) – unhopped dark gruit w/ vanilla, cardamom & mother wort
Herb Ale: Ooo Mary – 5.8% ABV (keg) – unhoped sour gruit with rosemary, yarrow and lemon thyme

TWISTED BARREL ALES: Coventry-based brewery mixing modern and classic styles and methods.

Detroit Sour City – 4.5% ABV (keg) – a thirst quenching, fruity sour beer. Kettle soured for a deliciously tart acidity, then dry hopped with Rakau and Equinox hops for a tropical citrus flavour
Kachirho – 5.0% ABV (keg) – a modern day pale, brewed with Mosaic, Simcoe and Equinox hops for an explosive mango & grapefruit flavour, with a full body thanks to the liberal use of oats & wheat in the mash
Saison From Another Place – 5.5% ABV (keg) – a Belgian farmhouse ale, brewed with dried elderflower & peppercorns for a floral, spicy flavour that blends with the characteristics of the funky Belgian yeast
Oblivion – 6.0% ABV (keg) – a heavily hopped porter, with a distinct coffee flavour from the use of roasted malts, which is paired with a grapefruit hop finish from the Cascade, Chinook and Columbus hops
Sine Qua Non – 4.5% ABV (keg) – session IPA – a dry, refreshing IPA with a tropical citrus flavour
Tymor Rhiwbob – 5.3% ABV (keg) – rhubarb, Beetroot and Orange Saison – the perfect summery beverage, tart rhubarb, orange on the nose and a dry, refreshing finish
Jack The DIPA – 8.0% ABV (keg) – fruit Oat Double IPA – a beast of an IPA, brewed with guava puree and orange zest for a full on tropical fruit flavour


40FT brewery: Local brewery operating out of a shipping container in Dalston.

Larger – 4.8% ABV (keg) – a hoppy version of the German style Kölsch, but unfiltered. Similar to a lager but larger in flavour. Brewed with a new hop from the States called Lemon Drop
Disco Pils – 4.8% ABV (keg) – a very fresh and crisp pale ale inspired by a German pils. Brewed with whole Hüll Melon only to give it a fruity, hoppy aroma
Päle – 4.1% ABV (keg) – a hoppy American style Pale Ale with the flavour of Summer with UK & US hops
Street Weiss – 5.2% ABV (keg) – a hefeweizen with banana and melon notes

If this impressive beer list tickles your fancy, you also be delighted to know we have seven superstar vegan street food vendors. Read about the food line up here. So much food!

London Vegan Beer Fest takes place at Hackney Downs Studios between 11am and 8pm on Saturday July 15, 2017. You can RSVP and invite friends over on the Facebook event page.

Extra notes:

Take part in Charioke (charity + karaoke) at London Vegan Beer Fest. If you enjoy singing or have a good time watching those that sing, please toss a few coins into our collection bucket. All money raised is being donated directly to Isla Urbana, a charity building clean water collection infrastructure in Mexico.

LVBF Hangover Special gives you 10% discount at 7 leading vegan businesses around London on Sunday July 16, 2017 if you are still wearing your London Vegan Beer Fest wristband. See the full list of participating businesses.

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