Get discount at vegan places

How about saving 10% off your bill at a handful of vegan places around London on Sunday July 16, 2017?

This is a simple little special offer that will have you grinning.

As you know (because I harass you daily about it) London Vegan Beer Fest is taking place this week on Saturday. It’s set to be a beer, cider, wine and street food extravaganza that you will adore.

Read about the brewery and food line up here.

But what about the discount of which I spoke?

A handful of vegan businesses around London are taking part in LVBF Hangover Special the day after London Vegan Beer Fest.

How does it work? On Sunday July 16, 2017 anyone still wearing their London Vegan Beer Fest entry wristband will receive a 10% discount off their bill at the following businesses:

  • Ms Cupcake – the absolutely legendary Brixton bakery is the place to get sweet treats such as cupcakes and tray bakes as you try to get back on track for the week ahead. Follow Ms Cupcake on Instagram.
  • What the Pitta! – is their a better hangover food than a vegan doner kebab? This Shoreditch eatery will be your best friend after a day of drinking. Follow What the Pitta! on Instagram.
  • GreenBay Supermarket – this fabulous vegan grocery store in west London has everything you need to make your own hangover meal including bacon, chocolate and ice cream! Follow GreenBay on Instagram.
  • Picky Wops – just a few minutes walking from GreenBay, this gourmet pizza outlet could possibly be the place that saves you after too much partying. Follow Picky Wops on Instagram.
  • Vx – this old school legendary King’s Cross vegan grocery store, hot food outlet, and boutique has EVERYTHING you need to recover from London Vegan Beer Fest. Get a hot sandwich from the deli, supplies to make your own meal, and a cool t-shirt so you look good as you get refreshed. Follow Vx on Instagram.
  • Black Cat Café – this is one of the finest places to et vegan food in London and just happens to be walking distance from the London Vegan Beer Fest venue. Follow Black Cat on Instagram.
  • Temple of Hackney – the instantly legendary vegan fried chicken shop in Hackney Central is joining the LVBF Hangover Special. Is there anything more perfect for your recovery? Follow Temple of Seitan on Instagram.

Show up, order a bunch of stuff, and shake your wristband at your server for a 10% discount. This is a great way to save a little bit of money while supporting independent vegan businesses. Everyone wins as you recover from your London Vegan Beer Fest hangover.

Yay for vegan savings!

To get a wristband to use on Sunday for discounts, you of course first need come to London Vegan Beer Fest this Saturday.

Click here to buy your tickets now and RSVP to the Facebook event page.

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