New vegan milk in Sainsbury’s

I wrote about this brand coming to the UK a little while ago, but the time has finally arrived.

Cailfia Farms plant-based milks have started showing up in Sainsbury’s stores around the UK.

Dean, a super friendly reader, sent me this photo taken inside Sainsbury’s South Woodford.

I’m super excited about Califia Farms now being available around the UK. These milks are delicious.

I’m also curious about the Soya Dream  Oat Dream bottles on the shelf below. I’ve haven’t tried yet and I can’t wait to get my hands on these.

Have you tied any of these new plant milks?

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Ooh, I’ll have to look out for these. A good reason to visit Sainsbury’s. I do like Alpro’s new oat milk too.

  2. Like the package! I will try it soon. 🙂 From other brands, my favourite is always the almond! 🙂

  3. YES! Califia Farms almond milk is so creamy, and unsweetened too! I always loved having it while traveling in the US. Great news 🙂

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