Tibits gets a new location

One of London’s top spots when it comes to vegan-friendly eating in a non-vegan spot is tibits.

This buffet-style eatery just off Regent Street has long been a hub for plant-based eaters. This might have something to do with most of their food being suitable for vegans, including delights such as sticky toffee pudding and a huge range of salads and pastas.

This month sees the opening of a second London version of tibits (if we don’t count the west London version that came and went very quickly years ago).

Fans of the serve-yourself restaurant can know fill up on their vegan options near the Tate Modern on the south side of the Thames.

The maps above shows the new location set to open this month (June 2017).

You can see all of the tibits locations over on their website, including the multiple restaurants spread around Switzerland.

Are you excited about another tibits?

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