Superstar vegan milk headed for UK

My friend Jo has all the best news. She is always reporting back from fancy vegan restaurants and exciting events with cutting edge vegan news.

And today Jo brings some of the best news I’ve heard in ages.

Superstar vegan milk and beverage company Califia Farms out of the USA is set to launch a limited range of milks into the UK!

Living in Mexico part of the year and travelling in the USA means I have become extremely familiar with Califia Farms, especially their pecan caramel creamer (meant for coffee but I drink it straight), chocolate almond drinks and gorgeous juices.

However, it is their coffee range that looks set to splash down in the UK over the coming months with listings in Ocado and Whole Foods Market stores.

Jo spied the company at a recent UK coffee trade show and sent me the following photos.

The photo above shows the barista blended almond milk, as well as the ready to drink cold brew coffee drinks.

Califia Farms is one of the fastest-growings drinks companies in the USA and it doesn’t look like they want to slow down anytime soon.

You can follow Califia Farms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bonus content: check out some of my Instagram shots of Califia Farms products I’ve been buying these past few months out of the UK.

Ginger Almond Milk with turmeric by @califiafarms #vegan

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Ginger Limeade by @califiafarms #vegan

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I don’t drink coffee so what can I do with this instead? I just HAD to buy it! #vegan

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  1. I found the barista blend at Whole Foods it’s £3.99 for a carton! To be honest it’s not worth it, if they lowered the price that would be great. I wish they would sell those creamers here they are so nice.

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