New treats from Vegan Tuck Box

Here’s a fab new idea from decadent subscription box heroes, Vegan Tuck Box.

While their regular subscription and available-to-buy-just-once boxes are always packed solid with amazing treats, you have to take the risk that nobody will steal it if left on your doorstep or be on the safe side by arranging someone to be in for collection.

Vegan Tuck Box has found a way around this dilemma by creating a box that fits through a standard UK letterbox.

Check out the new Letterbox Snacks box below.

Each box comes with between five and six snacks, including a tea bag!

The snacks will rotate each month depending what Vegan Tuck Box have in stock.

This would be a fabulous surprise for a loved one or someone you are giving a vegan nudge. They don’t even need to be in for delivery and will get a thrill on arriving home.

Have I forgotten the best part of this lovely box?

It costs only £5. FIVE POUNDS!

Click here to order one (or more) right this very second and be sure to snoop around their site to see what else Vegan Tuck Box has on offer.

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