Leicester gets into the community spirit

As someone who puts a lot of time and effort into running community events, I love hearing about other activists undertaking similar projects in their areas.

Take the Leicester Vegan Community, for example.

This group is a not-for-profit collection of local vegans who promote veganism through a series of special events, markets, meetups and fairs.

Their events have a no-fee policy for vegan charities and are powered by the strength of local volunteers.

The next big event on the Leicester Vegan Community calendar is the third edition of Leicester Vegan Market coming up on Sunday June 11, 2017.

This is a totally vegan takeover of Leicester’s market space, so it will be well worth the journey if you are in the surrounding area.

Like the Leicester Vegan Community group on Facebook and RSVP to the market Facebook event.

And for the love of carrots, get inspired by these humans and start this sort of thing in your area!

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