New vegan burger at Tesco

This might not be news to you, but I’ve never seen this vegan burger at Tesco before.

As far as frozen burgers go, I’ve got to say this one is rather unique for the mainstream UK market.

Roasted peanuts, peanut butter and brown rice make up the main part of this burger, while their are chunks of avocado, red pepper and edamame beans also featured.

Makes quite a departure from textured soy protein!

The product also features the ‘vegan’ graphic on the front of the box for which Tesco is becoming noticed in plant-based circles.

Have you tried this new burger? Or is it not new and I’m just a bit behind the times? How does it taste?

If you are interested in nutrition values and ingredient breakdown, see the product listing on the Tesco website by clicking here.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Got some in my freezer, will report back when I’ve tried them.

    On a related note, I was distinctly unimpressed with their onion bhaji burgers which tasted nothing like onion bhajis. So their past record is mixed.

  2. I’ve had one of these, it was ok but a little dry

  3. Have tried them now. They’re ok but you wouldn’t travel far for them tbh. Mild spice was the chief flavour and the random crunchy peanut was a little odd. I’ll take their word for it that there was avocado and edamame beans in there.

  4. Not impressed. Think a homemade version might be awesome though!

  5. It’s a firm no. Agree with erin that the concept is ripe for the picking as a home-made weekend treat. Roast potato planks on the side with homemade chutney too.

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