Vegan cheese sweeps the world

Have you noticed the complete domination of vegan cheese across the planet recently?

From the UK to Australia and from the USA to Greece, processed vegan cheese blocks and slices are available seemingly everywhere.

But have you ever wondered where all these cheeses are being made?

One surprising source of this vegan cheese onslaught is a Greek dairy company called Viotros.

Viotros started making vegan cheese a number of years ago to fill a gap in the Orthodox Christian market.

If you didn’t know, a lot of followers of the Orthodox Christian church fast on a regular occurrence which can include the removal of dairy products on certain days. You can read more about the fasting here.

Viotros discovered that vegans were just as excited about dairy-free cheese as Orthodox Christians, so they started packaging the fasting-suitable cheese for the plant-eaters and a revolution commenced.

Violife took Europe by storm and it didn’t take too long before other vegan brands started partnering with Viotros in order to get their own branded version.

Take a look at some of the brands making vegan cheese in conjunction with Viotros.

The above isn’t the full range of brands that have been tasking Viotros to make cheese for them, so please list anymore you know of in the comments below.

You can read more about Viotros online.

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