Most read of 2016

If you are into end of year lists, check out the top ten MOST read posts from my blog this year:

  1. Never was vegan – even though this post about Rekorderlig not being vegan was written in 2014, it still scraped into the top ten most-read of 2016.

  2. New vegan burger bar in Sheffield – the title of this post says it all and people loved the news about BurgerLolz.

  3. Vegan Quorn in the UK – enough people read this 2015 post to take it to number 8 on this list.

  4. Vegan ice cream in London – enough people were interested in this chilly news to get Yorica onto this year end list.

  5. Pizza Express – another old post that readers can’t get enough of is this 2015 outing about vegan options at this chain restaurant.

  6. Toilet paper not vegan? – this story sent us all into a tailspin.

  7. Vegan at Wagamama – this blog post won’t go away. Having been first published in 2014 didn’t stop it from being the 4th most-read of 2016.

  8. Breaking news: vegan fried chicken shop – the story about Temple of Seitan that almost broke my blog, was lifted by news outlets all over the world and got enough views within about 4 hours to make this list.

  9. Christmas – the post associated with my first ever vegan Christmas market drew an unprecedented number of people… just like the market itself.

  10. New vegan grocery store for London – the readers have spoken and this post about the opening of GreenBay London is the most-read post on during 2016.

Thank you to everyone who visited my blog and shared posts.

December 2016 was the most visited month in the entire 6 year history of my blog. It feels great to have a committed and appreciative audience! xx

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