New vegan grocery store for London

I very rarely get to bring you news this huge, so hold on tight to your green smoothies.

London, you have a brand new 100% vegan grocery store called GreenBay opening on Saturday August 13, 2016.

Yes, this is BIG news.

GreenBay Supermarket is the brainchild of Paula and Anderson, two people committed to bringing fabulous plant-based food to the masses at reasonable prices.

paula y anderson

Paula and Anderson are keen to make their store a haven for people looking for plant-based shopping and believe me when I say this corner store on North End Road (yes, just a few doors along from 222 Veggie Vegan) is absolutely rammed solid with everything you would need, want and expect to find in a supermarket.

You need to get along this weekend for their grand opening at 228 North End Road (just a 7 minute walk from West Kensington Underground on the District Line) and help these compassionate business people celebrate the opening of this wonderful retail outlet.

shop front greenbay

As a special thank you to anyone who comes along on grand opening day, GreenBay has teamed up with Follow Your Heart for some very special offers.

VeganEgg will be available as a buy one get one free offer while the Vegan Gourmet cheese shreds will be for sale at 30% off. Stock up!

GreenBay really has everything you would expect to find in a non-vegan grocery store.

Chocolate, plant milks, cheeses, bread, fresh fruit, vegetables, ice cream, personal care products, toilet roll, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, soup, flour, baking ingredients, beer, wine, vodka, pet food….. I could go on and on and on.

Follow GreenBay Supermarket on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Visit the shop for its grand opening this weekend.

Now look at some cheeky photos I snapped inside.

almond dream beans beer casheese cereal coyo drinks homecare IMG_7708 meat cheese milks oatly oils pudology rebel yogurt rebel snacks vegenaise vego wine yeast

Please note: not featured is the fresh fruit, vegetables and bread because it is getting delivered fresh for Saturday morning!

Also, this just in: Watch the live broadcast I did from inside the shop tonight. It is excellent!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Awesome to see this standard of retail, good luck Anderson & Paula!

  2. AMAZING!!!! Just a bus ride away from my work. Can’t wait to visit. X

  3. Now I live in Aylesbury with thousands of my commuter friends. Where is a vegan shop here? or even a VEGAN SHELF at a local supermarket!!! After years of pushing Morrisons they put some vegan milk and called it ‘alternative’ milk. Also they hid it with the long life diary milk. Then the whole area was named ‘Free From’ TOTAL CONFUSION for vegans. Thank goodness you are there!

  4. so excited holy hell! It would be amazing if they sell tofutti!

  5. Oh dear. May have to use my credit card!

  6. This is AMAZING news!!! I cannot wait to go and check it out, and it’s in West London near where I live!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Excellent, my you expand to East Sussex

  8. Fantastic! We are in Surrey, so if we did a trip to 222 Veggie Vegan for a meal, we could combine it with some fab shopping. Love the photos. This is exciting stuff 🙂

  9. Sure hope they invest in a ramp for that front entrance…

  10. Looks like they are pretty much set up and ready so go so it’s a shame they aren’t opening until tomorrow as I’m in the area today!
    PS That casheese tastes amazing!

  11. I see you stock Ecover – It is NOT vegan. I hope you have not made any other ‘mistakes’.

    • Hi Adrienne. The wholesale distributor told the store owners Ecover was vegan but I have explained to them why it isn’t. They removed it not long after this video. Cheers.

      • I spotted the Ecover too… glad to see that’s already been addressed!

      • Thanks FGV – prefer your response to those who thought I was not being supportive. Much love and keep up your fantastic out reach…..xxxx

    • What isn’t vegan about Ecover? Clearly I need to learn something here since I’ve used their products off and on for decades. Yikes!

  12. Bring this online asap please – North London awaits.

  13. This is such great news! Especially excited about the laundry detergent and the ice cream! 🙂 🙂

  14. A really BIG display of vegan wonder! Can’t wait to visit 🙂

  15. Please tell me if it’s open on Sundays

  16. This is the most exciting news for my London friends, there’s nothing like this in the East Midlands! I’ll keep buying online for now.

  17. Woo this is fantastic good luck hope it goes well .please bring one up to manchester

  18. Hi there,
    Great to see another supermarket popping up.
    Can I ask, I’ve been looking for a London Supermarket that stocks Go Max Go bars, if anyone has never tried them, you’re gonna want to do that. (They are made in a factory that produces egg and milk products however.)
    I was told that the Black Cat Cafe in Clapton did them and I visited to find out they don’t, but it’s an amazing cafe.
    Love Kat xx

    • Sometimes Vx or Ms. Cupcake stock Go Max Go. Otherwise you can order online for home delivery!

  19. Ahhhh I’m so excited! 😀 *does a happy dance*

  20. I love it. Good luck and congratulations 🙂

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  22. That’s a shame; can’t see any Tofutti products or any of the amazing Turtle Mountain ice cream products.

    • No one in the UK sells Turtle Mountain sadly and Tofutti is difficult to get as well.

      • It’s just the Tofutti ice cream that’s hard to get; it’s easy to get Tofutti sour cream, cream cheese and cheeses. Health food stores often have it or can special order it and the vegan site, always has it too.

  23. Try Suma for tofutti

  24. […] Picky Wops is a brand new non-vegan pizza joint at 347 North End Road, just a two-minute walk from vegan supermarket GreenBay. […]

  25. I was wondering if there is a parking near by? Thanks

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