Buy bulk vegan cheese

Is there such a thing as too much vegan cheese?

Not when you speak to the friendly people over at Coffee & Cheese.

Coffee & Cheese is a catering supplies company specialising in (do I really need to say it?!) coffee and vegan cheese. Yep, that’s pretty much their entire game plan and to be honest they are doing a grand job of spreading vegan cheese across the entire UK.

The company mainly deals with getting non-vegan cafés and restaurants to add vegan cheese such as Violife to their menus, instantly transforming their offerings and increasing the quantity of their plant-based dishes.


Coffee & Cheese owner Pedro doesn’t just sell bulk packets of Violife to restaurants, he also takes the time to explain the demand for veganising menus and demonstrates the best way to cook with vegan cheese.

If you have a local café or restaurant you think would be open to expanding their vegan offerings, put them in touch with Coffee & Cheese.

You can also buy from this fabulous catering supplies company if you want to save money by purchasing your vegan cheese in bulk for your own home, if you run a vegan catering business or if you need vegan cheese for a large function you need to cater.

Other products you can source from Coffee & Cheese include huge tubs of vegan mayo, plant-based milks, vegan hot chocolate powder and, of course, everything you need to make and sell coffee.

All contact details for Coffee & Cheese can be found on their website.


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