Vegan jelly in a supermarket

Josh and I had just downed a couple of beers in the wonderful Bundobust bar and Indian street food kitchen in Leeds city centre last night when we wandered into the nearest Co-operative supermarket to look for snacks.

As we were mooching along past the pre-packaged fruit, Josh spotted some raspberry jelly cups on the shelf and suggested we check to see if they were vegan.

Being the vile and cynical FGV that I am, I curled my lip and said, “They won’t be vegan”.

I do like being proved wrong sometimes.

What?! Grabbing all the #vegan jelly and fruit cups from Co-Op supermarkets!

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Yes! Vegan jelly cups in a UK-wide supermarket!

I was too tipsy to eat mine last night but I will be investigating later today. Have you tried this cup? What did you think?

Extra note: This photo originally appeared on my Instagram account.


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  1. You’d be surprised! the majority of Jelly in Pots is now vegan! Hartleys brands are too.

  2. Hurrah – & Co-op divi, too! I think Sainsbury’s & Tesco also have similar.

  3. Yes and M&S and Waitrose. I actually live for the Waitrose Elderflower jelly- a bit pricy but you have to try it!!

  4. FGV, the m&s raspberry one is also vegan and sooooo much better!

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