Milk protest

Have you seen the signs in Tesco supermarkets suggesting their milk helps care for dairy cows?

The signs are part of a broader campaign in which the supermarket giant is telling shoppers that their cow milk products are fairly sourced, making them the right choice for anyone looking to improve outcomes for farmers and cows.

People who understand the cruelty connected to the dairy industry are not too happy about these signs.

All over the UK, consumer activists are removing the signs from dairy cases and positioning them in front of plant-derived milk products such as almond, soya and rice. Vegans are attempting to subvert the advertising campaign and use the signs to get people thinking about the cruelty of dairy.

Below is a photo I took in Tesco Roundhay, Leeds yesterday. It shows that one of the signs has been moved to a shelf holding almond milk.

It would appear this peaceful action of relocating the signs is gaining momentum, with many shoppers sharing their own experiences on social media of moving signs themselves or having seen evidence that others have done so.

In addition, The Vegan Society has asked Tesco to remove all signs from all store is this open letter.


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  1. I’ll be straight on with this in my work city of Manchester and home town of Ilkley tomorrow. Thanks for the tip off. Hope you are enjoying Yorkshire. Let me know if you find any/many Vegan eateries etc. Best wishes

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