Vegan sausage sizzle

Australia has a strange custom.

Each weekend on the forecourt of countless home improvement and DIY hardware centres, people cook and sell sausages to raise money for charity. The act of cooking and selling sausages for charity in this manner is called a sausage sizzle.

Imagine a B&Q in the UK or Home Depot in the USA. Well, in Australia they have a chain of these centres called Bunnings and they are synonymous with people frying up sausages and serving them on white bread with ketchup for a couple of dollars.

This week I was amazed to see a sausage sizzle planned for outside a Bunnings store in my home town of Brisbane during which they will only cook and serve 100% vegan food.

Yes, it’s a vegan sausage sizzle!


I’ve never been happier than when I got to type vegan sausage sizzle. It’s poetry.

This particular sausage sizzle is being staged to raise money for Animal Liberation Queensland. 

If I could make the world do one thing, it might just be to host more vegan sausage sizzles.

You can like Animal Liberation Queensland on Facebook.

Extra note: say ‘vegan sausage sizzle’ quickly five times in a row.

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