Gourmet vegan food in Shoreditch

Joey’s Kitchen is a newish food business run by a group of friends named Samantha, Fran and John. This terrific trio recently set up business with a residency at Joyeux Bordel cocktail bar in Shoreditch until the end of May 2016, plus there are a few other places where you will see them popping up.

“But what about the food!” I hear  you scream.

The menu is sparse but certainly not basic. The three items on offer include a homemade seitan hot dog, stacked nachos and their signature Jarlsberg style cheese grilled sourdough sandwich, all of which can be served loaded up with different toppings.


The people behind Joey’s Kitchen like to talk about their culinary influences, but one look at those toppings will give you all the info you need.

The food business started off a few years ago doing event catering and supper clubs and then just over 6 months ago moved into DIY Space for London, a south London arts and social centre. Joey’s Kitchen is based there every Saturday and Sunday during the day offering food, sweet stuff plus coffee and other drinks.

In addition, the foodies will soon be running a stall at the street food market in their local Leytonstone area and have lots of exciting other things on the cards for the coming months!

Wanna see the food at the Shoreditch pop up? Here you go!

All nachos Grilled cheese Hotdog Nachos

Investigate the gorgeous food of Joey’s Kitchen by getting along to their Shoreditch pop up. How can you say no to the above images?! Host venue website with address and hours here.

You can like Joey’s Kitchen on Facebook and follow them on both Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. I went to this place on Saturday night for some noshing! The place it’s being hosted in is gorgeous; dark bar with black velvet seats, really swanky with lovely bar staff. The only problem was Joey’s Kitchen was barely advertised in the place, even when we were given our drinks menus we weren’t offered any food, I had to ask and when I did the full menu wasn’t available, there were only 2 types of nachos, an American with pulled jack fruit and a Mexican one. The food was really good, but it was served cold, which I didn’t mind but I think a lot of people would want nachos with those toppings hot. But I really enjoyed the experience, but I do love bars like that, it just didn’t feel like Joey’s Kitchen was the main part of the evening.

    • Hello! One of Joey’s Kitchen here. Sorry you didn’t get the full JK experience when you visited on that Saturday! We’re only in the kitchen Tuesday-Thursday nights and the bar (very awesomely) wanted to add a couple of vegan options for people on nights when we’re not there, so we provide them with the ingredients to put together a mini-version of our nachos. We’re at Joyeux Bordel until the end of May so if you’re free tonight or next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll be there with our full menu. Thanks for coming down all the same and glad you enjoyed the night 🙂

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